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Madden 15 Easy Money Play To Beat Cover 3 Defenses

With man coverage being so horrible in this year’s game many of the top players are playing a lot more zone coverage. There are a lot of zone beaters and this is one of my favorites. However, I would not suggest doing this play more than twice a game because if people know its coming it may get intercepted. So I hope you enjoy this tip, and find a way to utilize it into your scheme.  If used correctly it can be a game changer.

In today’s free Madden strategy, TDBarrett is going over one way to absolutely destroy cover 3 zone defenses in Madden NFL 15.

It utilizes route swapping to change the play, causing some confusion on defense.  Let’s take a look at how it all works.

Madden School Cover 3 Beater With Route Swapping

Playbook: Green Bay Packers

Formation: Gun Trips Y Iso

Play: Mesh Dig


  1. Put a TE or RB (whoever is the best combination of speed and catching) and sub him in to the far left Wide Receiver.
  2. Once lined up hit square/X and L2/LB. This will cause the outside receiver to take the middle receivers route.
  3. Snap the ball
  4. Wait tell he makes the initial cut up and throw it.

Overview: Don’t overuse this play, but it is nice to know you have it when you are playing someone who sits in Cover 3 all game.

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9 years ago

just got done labbin with this, makin the Hawks look lost. thanks for the play.