This mini scheme includes a very effective running play as well as a few good passing plays out of the Pistol Strong Twins formation that utilizes route swapping.

Playbook: San Francisco 49ers

Formation: Pistol Strong Twins


1. Inside Zone Split
2. Double Flares
3. Fade Smash


Route Swap the two passing plays and for Double Flares, you can either block the FB or put him in a Check and Release route.

Overview: The Pistol Strong Twins formation can be one of the more deadly formations in the game due to the Inside Zone Split that it contains. This run, due to it’s straight up the gut nature, can churn out yards against pretty much ANY defensive front and the only way to stop it is to really commit to stopping it. That’s when you can throw in the passing concepts like Double Flares and then include Route Swapping to take it to a whole new level!