The concept of route swapping (switching which receivers run their routes) is fairly new to Madden 15.  When done correctly, you can use it to make some of your favorite money plays even more effective.

Playbook: Run N’ Shoot

Formation: Pistol Spread

Play: Fade Smash


1. Take an outside WR in any formation with 2 WR’s on one side (or more) and manually sub in a TE/RB for him
2. Place that subbed out WR in the slot
3. After breaking the huddle, you want to bring the Audible menu (X button on XB1) and then Reset Play (LT on XB1)

Overview: Route Swapping is a glitch that allows the slot WR and outside WR on one side to “swap” routes and essentially it allows you to bring man/zone beating routes to the outside for easy completions for huge gains against popular coverages. In this video I break down how to set this up and run it as well as how to stop it!

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