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Perfecting Your Madden 17 Defensive Scheme

Defense is overlooked every year in Madden NFL games largely because offense is just more fun.  It is easier to look up an offensive money play than to sit in practice mode all day finding that perfect nano blitz.

Here are a few early suggestions below for how to perfect your defensive scheme in Madden NFL 17.

  1. Pick a team that actually fits your scheme.  Or, you can pick a scheme that fits your team.  Either way, you should make sure that the players on your Madden team match what you are trying to do.  This goes for Ultimate Team, Franchise Mode, or Head to Head.  If your defense calls for a fast defensive end, don’t use a slow one.  This may seem obvious but with the rise of all the tips and cheats on Madden YouTube channels, people try to use someone else’s defense without doing the little things that make it work.
  2. Have a variety of plays that look the same.  This has always been one of our best offensive tips but the concept is sometimes lost when on defense.  If you can make a max coverage play look the exact same as an all out blitz, your opponent will be confused more often than not.  The same idea goes for man and zone coverages.  If every defensive play you call in Madden 17 looks similar, it will be very hard for your opponents to get first downs.
  3. Be original!  Yes, ebooks and strategy guides are great but you need to build on what you learn.  Use the knowledge and tips that you’ve gathered and expand on them.  If you really don’t know what you are doing, buy multiple ebooks, go on youtube and check our forums.  Take a little bit from each source and make it into your own original scheme.

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  1. My team is the Bears how do I stop the run with 3-4
    And also goal line situations

  2. Derrick try using a cover 3 because of the numbers your defense will have. Also try either spread the defensive line and crash down.or pinch the line

  3. On this year’s game people are using a lot of slants and crossing routes can u guys help with that thanks

    1. There really isn’t too much that universally stops those routes. Because they have the whole field to work with and if you wait long enough eventually someone on a drag or slant will get open. Your best bet is to just manually take away their first read.

    2. U gotta control your lb’s and safeties

  4. In goal line situations I found out that field goal defense helps on goal line runs and also pass routes that’s if you lock man on outside.

  5. How do you get to practice mode in madden 16 Xbox 360? And how can you sub out in game players on defense? Thanks in advance

  6. What would be a good defensive scheme to build upon?? I like to be diverse and such just mind boggled on what to go with. Any suggestions?

  7. If I go to my coach edit appearance, defensive styles, there is a slider for defend run pass and aggressive…
    But I cannot move the sliders… How do I move those sliders?

  8. How do you make all the defence cover one man on the practice mode?