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Madden 21 playbook search

Our New Madden 21 Playbook Tool

One of the areas we’ve been focusing on lately is providing helpful tools and resources to the Madden community. We’ve got a new and improved tool that we want to help you get started with today so you can find the perfect playbook for your needs.

Our playbook tool really is comprised of 2 different parts that work seamlessly together. One part lets you browse all the different formations and plays in each playbook, and the other part lets you do an advanced search to try to find the perfect playbook for you!

We made a quick video to help you get started with it or you can keep reading below.

Madden 21 Advanced Playbooks Search - Find The Perfect Playbook!

The first part is useful for those that just want to see which playbooks have which formations and plays. If you are interested in that, you can check it out here.

The second part is the part we are most excited about at Madden School. You can now search for a playbook using up to 5 different criteria. We’ll go over what that means.

Say for example you want to find an offensive playbook that has all of the following formations or plays:

  • Pistol Bunch TE – Verticals
  • I Form Close
  • Shotgun Bunch – Mesh

In the past, you’d have to go through playbooks one by one comparing which playbooks had what plays and formations.

Now you can just head over to our Madden 21 advanced playbook search tool and find out that the only playbook that meets the above criteria is the New Orleans Saints Offensive playbook.

This functionality can be incredibly useful as the year goes on when you find certain plays and formations you like but don’t know what playbook they are all found in.

Let us know what other Madden 21 tools you want us to build in the comments section! And if you find the tools, resources and tips we provide, please consider joining Madden School Unlimited!

Madden 21 Unlimited

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