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Madden 21 Cover 4 Beater

How To Destroy Cover 4 Palms & Cover 4 Quarters In Madden 21

Defenses like Cover 4 Palms and Cover 4 Quarters are always a favorite early on just because most people don’t have too many plays to beat those defenses until later in the year.

Today, we are going over a play that absolutely destroys both those defenses for 1 play touchdowns.

Check it out below!

How To Destroy Cover 4 Quarters & Cover 4 Palms In Madden 21

Playbook: Run Heavy, Detroit Lions, Las Vegas Raiders, New York Jets, Seattle Seahawks

Formation: Gun Bunch TE

Play: PA All Cross (AKA PA Boot Over)


  1. Put the Y/Triangle TE on a curl route
  2. Put the B/Circle WR on a drag route


  1. B/Circle on the drag if you need to get rid of the ball quickly
  2. Your second read will be reading the right-side safety and cornerback, as explained in the video. If they play shallow, X/Square will be open deep over the top. If they drop back and get depth, Y/Triangle will be open toward the sideline

Overview: Cover 4 is routinely a very popular defense every year, specifically at the beginning of the year. In this video, I go over a play that torches cover 4.

I also discuss the core concepts of the Cover 4 Palms defense that frequently gives players trouble, and show a concept to beat it that can be applied in many other formations.

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Ron Jenkins
Ron Jenkins
3 years ago

How do I buy just the Panthers ebook

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