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How To Beat Cover 3 Defense in Madden NFL 15

The Cover 3 defense is one of the most common defenses you see in Madden 15.  So far there aren’t too many effective ways to counter it outside of short routes like drags.  In today’s video tip, we are going to go over a way where you can get 20+ yards at a time against any cover 3 defense.

This play also works flipped to the other side, just make the same adjustments so the final play art looks the same pre-snap.

Madden 15 Cover 3 Beater: Gun Tight Doubles On - PA WR Cross

Playbook: Miami Dolphins

Formation: Gun Tight Doubles On

Play: PA WR Cross


  1. Hot route your B/circle receiver to a drag route


  1. You should always look to your slot receiver (Y/triangle) first against any cover 3 defense.  Lead pass to the inside.  Watch the video for the timing
  2. If he is covered, look to either your receiver on the crossing route (X/square) or your receiver on the drag route (B/circle)

Overview: This play destroys any sort of cover 3 defense.  Pretty much if there is 3 deep, it doesn’t matter if it is a zone blitz or a max cover 3, your Y/triangle receiver will be open.  You have to precision pass to the inside, otherwise you will get intercepted.

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