The Cover 3 Press defense is new to Madden 15, but it is already giving offenses lots of problems.  In today’s free offense tip, SnA Exclusive goes over a money play to beat the Cover 3 Press deep every time.

If you are struggling on offense against a regular cover 3 defense, you can find an easy way to beat it in yesterday’s tips.

The full video breakdown is below.

Formation: Shotgun Gun Doubles On

Play: Salem Go


  1. None. That’s the best part!


  1. Your B/circle receiver on the Go route
  2. TE on the curl route
  3. RB check down

Overview:  This play is absolutely going to destroy Cover 3 Press this year. No matter what WR you line up, if they run that route they are going to be wide open for a lob bomb and a touchdown. The Fade route goes outside then inside to create inside leverage on the CB and then the CB stutters a little bit, which creates the separation needed to make this play work. The best part of this play is that it is as flexible as you want it to be – run it stock or audible everyone else, it’s up to you.

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