One of the little pieces of information that is causing uproar within parts of the Madden community is that there will not be a way of importing draft classes from this year’s college football game, NCAA Football 13 to Madden NFL 13.  This mean’s players like Matt Barkley, Montee Ball, and The Honeybadger will not be playable in Madden 13.  Also you will not be able to import and continue the career of your Road to Glory player in Madden 13.

You will instead be forced to play with the cpu generated random rookie draft classes.  It appears that since this is the first year of connected careers mode, there is some sort of incompatibility between the newest game mode and importing players from NCAA Football 13.  Hopefully this feature comes back for Madden 14.

What do you think?  Is this something you feel strongly about or do you not care too much?  Let us know in the comments section below or in our forum.


  • For every step forward that ea’s football games to take forward they always take one or two back with dropped features ( that were previously in) like this:

    in game save feature (for long real games like the nba2k series), create play feature, there always has to be an update for field degradation, keeping the same play but doing a formation audible, easily/quickly changing individual corners/safeties shading/responsibilities etc, more time for adjustments at the line, and there are some other things.

    Thank goodness after buying madden since like ’91 for the revelation of Gamefly for me 2011 so I haven’t bought either game since 2010 yet, i have played them all. I feel that’s what the game is worth. And thanks for the recent court ruling. Let’s hope to see some new competitors like we used to have. That’s where all the best ideas and growth come from.

  • Well i Was gonna buy it but now imnot because i was looking forward to continuing my NCAA13 RTG into the pro realm

    • I know how you feel all the hours spent in you road to glory and all the great achievements you’ve made will just go to waste this is such bullshit man

    • This is bullshit! I have loved that feature for years. If I would’ve known this I would’ve never bought college13. Why would they take that away? Makes no sense.

  • You have to be kidding me…
    I thought this was it. I thought this would be the Madden that would re-establish the beauty in a football game. Guess I was wrong… I have to stop getting my hopes up when EA makes games.
    That was the only reason I played Franchise mode. Because it brought the reality in a virtual game. It made me look foward to the offseason.
    Can’t wait to play against Jim LillyPad and Harold Strokesnuts. -.-

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