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NFL Owners Agree To Extend Electronic Arts’ Exclusive NFL License Through 2025

NFL owners voted today to grant Electronic Arts a 5 year extension for their exclusive license to produce simulatation style football video games using NFL teams.

A few weeks ago we began to hear rumblings that 2K would begin developing a new NFL video game. The kicker, however, was that it wouldn’t be a simulation game, but instead an arcade-style video game. This has brought many to speculate a game similar to 2K’s NBA Playgrounds.

Nevertheless, this gave fans of the iconic series hope. That perhaps this could pave the way for a simulation-style game after EA’s exclusive deal expired prior to the 2022 season.

Not so fast.

According to Senior NFL reporter Albert Breer, the NFL owners have approved to extend the deal with Electronic Arts through 2025. There is a fifth-year option for 2026 that depends on revenue. 

This means that Madden will be the only simulation style NFL video game for at least the next 5 years.

This may be disheartening news for those eager to play an updated NFL 2K game but for Madden diehards and fans of Madden Ultimate Team, this might be a sign of relief.

Regardless of what ultimately happens, Madden will need to change some things heading into the next generation of gaming. Because for some, updated rosters and a few minor tweaks are no longer working.

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4 years ago

More microtransactions and better monetization will be coming so we can make that 6th final year revenue!

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