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Madden 21 Ultimate Team Items, Points, Etc Will Transfer From XBOX One To XBOX Series X

3 weeks ago we were the first to report on EA’s plan to make Madden 21 free on XBOX Series X for those who purchase the XBOX One version of the game.

That news was widely applauded by the Madden community but there was one big question.

“Will I lose all of my progress on the current generation consoles when I upgrade to the next generation?”

In order to ease those fears and encourage people to upgrade to Madden 21 on the XBOX Series X, EA is in the early stages of working through a plan that would allow you to take all of your Ultimate Team items with you to the new console according to their most recent Madden 21 FAQ.

With the rise of Ultimate Team as one of the most popular game modes, many gamers would be hesistant to upgrade to Madden 21 on the new consoles if they aren’t able to keep their cards, points and other items.

Sure they spent $60-$100 on the game that they won’t have to spend again if they take advantage of the free upgrade offer but the worry is that they would be out all of the money (and time) they spent on building their current generation Ultimate Team.

The other benefit from Electronic Arts’ perspective is that the big spenders on Ultimate Team are likely the same people who have no issue droppings $500 for a new console. They will be the same people to immediately upgrade their system.

Those big spenders might be hesitant to open up their wallet in August and September to buy virtual items on the XBOX One if they know it will only last them until October or November when they would have had to spend that money all over again on the XBOX Series X.

So this news is a classic win/win scenario for both EA and it’s customers.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any word on if this same deal will be available for the PlayStation 5. That’s not to say it won’t happen but only that at this time we don’t know.

Additionally there is no news yet on if you will be able to transfer progress in other game modes such as Franchise from the XBOX One to the XBOX Series X.

As we get more Madden 21 information, we will pass it along to you.

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