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Madden 11 to Feature New Swagger Rating

In the release of the first few madden player ratings, some people noticed the newest attribute in the madden franchise “SWG” – for swagger. A screenshot on the EA Sports forum put it on everyone’s map today because it is the only rating with a sponsor (Old Spice).

Take a look for yourself:

Madden's Newest Stat, "Swagger," is Sponsored

As for what “swagger” actually does for you, rumor has it that it’s a sort of a confidence rating, so if that player is involved in a big play like a touchdown or interception, that player receives an attribute boost for a few plays after that. How long or how much is decided by the amount of swagger he has.

This swagger rating is brought to you by Old Spice, a consistent partner of EA Sports in the NCAA Football Franchise which a few months ago began some campaign with the NFL to see which team has the most swagger.

This shouldn’t have much of a meaningful impact on Madden 11, except from the obvious marketing plug and the attempt to milk as much money as possible out of this year’s game.

Contributions from Owen Good

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  1. whats next, the “nike speed rating” or the “underarmor protect this house hit power”

  2. It’s actually only supposed to affect the likelihood of a player celebrating after a big play like a touchdown, interception, forced fumble, etc… it sounds pretty stupid though

  3. so when does ea sports nfl license run out? the people at ea have lost their mind. taking the time to put something useless like this in the game when they have so many serious issues.

  4. my running back has had 2 amazing seasons and has no swagger yea ooook must be cuz im white

    1. yea my running back doesnt get any swagger and he has had to season with over 2,000 rushing yards.. but im black soo hmph