In the release of the first few madden player ratings, some people noticed the newest attribute in the madden franchise “SWG” – for swagger. A screenshot on the EA Sports forum put it on everyone’s map today because it is the only rating with a sponsor (Old Spice).

Take a look for yourself:

Madden's Newest Stat, "Swagger," is Sponsored

As for what “swagger” actually does for you, rumor has it that it’s a sort of a confidence rating, so if that player is involved in a big play like a touchdown or interception, that player receives an attribute boost for a few plays after that. How long or how much is decided by the amount of swagger he has.

This swagger rating is brought to you by Old Spice, a consistent partner of EA Sports in the NCAA Football Franchise which a few months ago began some campaign with the NFL to see which team has the most swagger.

This shouldn’t have much of a meaningful impact on Madden 11, except from the obvious marketing plug and the attempt to milk as much money as possible out of this year’s game.

Contributions from Owen Good