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Insane NCAA Football 11 Glitches

Less than a week after the release of NCAA Football 11, some truly game changing glitches have been found.  After positive reviews from many of the big online gaming companies, gamers are starting  to find cheats, exploits, and glitches in this year’s NCAA Football game.  Don’t get me wrong, the game itself is wonderful.  I truly believe that this years version is the best NCAA game in at least 5 years.  The game is for the most part realistic and life-like.  Both man and zone defense actually work.

Now for the bad news:  The game is full of wild and wacky gameplay glitches.  This was to be expected with EA Sports installing a new locomotion system in NCAA 11.  When you install an entire new gameplay system, there are bound to be problems.  Some of the problems already found can be seen at  Take a look at some of those cheats.  If they get out to the public, the game could be ruined.  Good thing for us that very very few people know how to actually execute those plays.

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  1. once a player(running back) subs out because of fatigue twice he won't come back in the whole entire game on dynasty mode.

  2. i have ordered 2 of the ncaa guides and cant log into one and havent recieved the other, havent recieved any help

  3. In an off-line dynasty mode for ncaa 2011 my players ratings did not increase at all for any remaining player on the roster after completing the first year and moving on to the next. at th start of the 2nd year the player ratings were the exact same as before. i wasnt even given an option to train the players. is this a problem anybody else has been having?

    1. yea man that happened to me two years in a row..made me stop playing dynasty.

        1. same issue came here looking for answers because my players ratings never increase

    2. My players wont train anymore either and i even bought the training program does anyone know how to fix this?

  4. how can you purchase the traning program for your team at the end of the season?? Is says I dont have enough to purchase it…do you have to complete all of the challenge deals or what?

  5. Just stop the damn freeze glitch and i will be fine smh damn

  6. I am the commish of an online dynasty. On two occassions I have had an error come up while trying to advance the week, it tells me that there has been a server error and to advance I can hit retry or exit out of the online mode. So I do the retry and it just goes back to the same screen asking me to pick one. The only way to get past it is to exit but when I reenter the scores have been changed for all 3 of my fellow players and one guy has even lost the game on both ocassions. Anyone else have this or know what to do about it?

  7. There are a good number of glitches on the game. Where do I start? I play on Heisman level and the computer does cheat a lot and yes I am a gamer and very knowledgeable about football. Zone coverage often leaves huge gaps because the DB does not play a deep zone (Cover 3) and instead follows a receiver to the middle of the field. Wow. Secondly, you call the right defense, play the pass,highlight a particular receiver, and he still gets opens wow. You play the run to the left move your line to the left and there are still huge holes left on your defense. On offense, there are a huge number of flaws; DO NOT PICK “AGGRESSIVE” FOR ANY OFFENSIVE SCHEME, otherwise you risk the chance of a huge amount of fumbles,or holding/clipping penalties. It is amazing sometimes when your receiver is wide open at times and he doesn’t put his hands up to catch the ball or just plainly drops the ball. Oh! play action passes from ACE or IFORMATION give you no time to play-action. That is pathetic; as soon as you drop back your being sacked. Oh one more thing about the defense; it is amazing to me how easy one is picked of when the opposing player is nowhere close; wow how many one-handed catches are there on this game. Is that really real? I think not! Overall, I like the game; however, these glitches still exist and they are not new to this particular version. I wont be buying Madden 12; Madden always puts out the same garbage each year.

  8. Another glitch i've found is that when the player with the ball is about to be tackled he pitches the ball for no reason or without you pressing the pitch button.