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Buffalo Bills in Madden 11

buffalo bills madden 11

Unless you plan on running a 3 halfback rotation behind a terrible offensive line, I wouldn’t recommend using the Bills in Madden 11. Fred Jackson, Marshawn Lynch, and C.J. Spiller are 3 running backs with lots of potential. The casual madden player will use C.J. Spiller most of the time at running back with a little Marshawn and Fred mixed in. If I was forced to use the Bills in a competitive Madden 2011 game, I would set up my depth chart like this:

Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson at Running back/Fullback

Lee Evans at Wide receiver #1, C.J. Spiller at WR #2 and Roscoe Parrish (95 speed) at WR #3

I would recommend running every play out of shotgun 2 running backs/3 wide receivers. This limits the instant pressure that is sure to happen on a patchwork offensive line, it gets you 3 95+ speed wide receivers on the field, and 2 serviceable playmakers at running back. Sadly, you are stuck with your choice of bad quarterbacks: Trent Edwards,Ryan Fitzpatrick, Brian Brohm, or Levi Brown. Use lots of screen passes, drag routes, and short slants and you should be fine, in theory.

The defense is manageable but nothing special at all.  You have fairly speedy corners, and a good secondary but the rest of the defense is average at best.  I don’t mean to put off a bunch of people from using the Buffalo Bills because it isn’t all bad for them. They do have a secret weapon on 90 speed punter Brian Moorman.

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13 years ago

lol moorman, you do a fake punt pass,juke left then right and take off running, works all the time

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