madden 11 new york jets

The New York Jets had a very busy offseason and that is why most experts predict that they will be the most used team in Madden 11. The Jets are loaded with Madden talent. The run first Jets will have a great offensive line to run behind featuring Center Nick Mangold and Left Tackle Ferguson. If you can find a way to stop the rushing attack of Tomlinson and Greene led by super fullback Tony Richardson, then you get to try your hand at the 4 headed-monster at WR. Dustin Keller, Santonio Holmes, Jericho Cotchery, and Braylon Edwards are all considered playmakers. Simply put, this is a very hard offense to stop.

However, even with all of that firepower on offense, the Jets defense is undoubtedly the strength of the team.  The fine folks at EA Sports gave Jets fans the favor of moving Vernon Gholston and his 85 speed/86 strength ratings to Left End. Hardcore Madden fans know what that means. You will be able to move him to defensive tackle and have one of the scariest pass rushers at defensive tackle since Warren Sapp. You can line him up next to space eater Kris Jenkins and you will be getting sacks up the middle, left, and right. The linebackers are all studs with great awareness, speed, and tackle ratings (the most important ratings for linebackers). Not to mention Cromartie and Revis have long been 2 of the top 5 coverage guys in Madden. The New York Jets have backups at every defensive position that are good enough to start on most other teams. When you play the Jets, look for plenty of blitzes leading to lots of interceptions and sacks.