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Formation: Power-I

Play: Power Option


  1. Put Your Fastest Quarterback in
  2. Hike the ball, run the opposite way
  3. Press the pitch button LB/L2
  4. Run up field.

It is really that simple. Watch the video to get the timing down

Formation: Ace Bunch

Play: Flanker Drive

  1. Hot Route the A/X WR to a Streak
  2. Hot Route the B/Circle WR to a slant to the right
  3. Hike the ball

Reads – This is an absolutely money play, as the LB/L1 TE (can be a WR using the WR Package) kills just about every zone coverage, and even some man defenses. In most zone coverages, you will want to hit the LB/L1 WR/TE for a good chunk of yards, but if they are targeting that guy specifically, hit the slanting WR, as he is usually open near the sidelines since the streaking WR pulls away the deep blue routes and yellow routes can’t quite reach him. Bullet high pass to the WR, but if your QB isn’t very high in accuracy, the ball may sail over his head, so it is important to have a tall WR at the number one spot.

Hit the streak if the opponent tries to user cover the slant, or if you simply see him open. The streak can also be a great route to user catch deep with a tall WR, especially ones with high SPC ratings.

The HB runs a release route, which means if he has to block he will not run his route, but if he does not block he will be wide open. Keep your eye on a Y/Triangle symbol on your screen, as that can be your last option if you can’t hit the other plays for more yardages since the HB is almost always open every time. It is also a great man coverage killer.

Formation: Ace Bunch

Play: Seattle

  1. 1. Motion the B/Circle WR to the right
  2. 2. Wait until the WR is set, then hike the ball

Reads – Pretty simple play, but can torch a lot of defenses. The wheel route ran by the B/Circle WR acts as an unbumpable route, and if you wait a few seconds for the WR to run upfield, you can bullet pass it high to him for a good 8-10 yards a pop versus man defenses. Versus zone coverages, you can simply quick pass it high to him a second later without the motion. The other routes are excellent to eat up other coverages, the A/X WR will beat most soft zones with his middle route, and the LB/L1 TE/WR can be quick passed to just before he makes his break upfield for a high jumping catch animation. This is also a formation audible (Y/Triangle and right on the RS).