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NCAA Football 11 Money Play

As we wait for Madden 11 to come out, we have decided to release a few NCAA football 11 tips to you.  The first play is found in 7 different playbooks and is very effective against man to man coverage.  Below, you will find a written breakdown as well as a video to help explain the play.

Playbook: Syracuse

Formation: Shotgun Tight

Play: WR Corner


  1. The setup is simple, simply motion your outside receiver a few steps toward the sideline and quick pass it to him.
  2. You can hot route your other receivers to any route you would like, this won’t effect the quick pass.

Note: This works against any man to man defense whether the defense is in bump-n-run coverage or not.  Use this against man to man nano blitzes and you should get easy touchdowns

For more NCAA 11 Tips visit:

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