LSU Offensive eBook for NCAA Football 11

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Written by MUG Hurricanes (MIAMIxCANES)

  • Current Top 50 Player in NCAA Football 11 on XBOX Live
  • Staff Writer
  • Football Offensive Guru
  • Tournament winner

23 High Powered Plays in the LSU Playbook

  1. Singleback Ace Bunch
  2. I-Form Tackle Over
  3. Pistol Y-Trips
  4. Shotgun Tight
  5. Shotgun 4WR Trio
  6. Shotgun 5WR Trio

If you love to pass, this is definitely the NCAA 11 Strategy Guide for you.  As always we provide HD videos as well as detailed written breakdowns.  Written by a Top 50 NCAA Football 11 Gamer!

You can get your copy for only $16.99.