Only $4.99!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes that’s right under $5 dollars presents, the NCAA Football 11 Tight Slots Mini-eBook (The guide to the compression offense) for Only $4.99

If you are a gamer who doesn’t need a lot of detailed explanation on how to set up your plays, this guide is for you.  We provide 7 money plays all out of the same formation.  We don’t waste your time with lengthy paragraphs.  We simply give you the play, the setup, the reads, and a high definition video to accompany each play.  All the plays in the guide will look very similar to your opponent, so the defense will become very confused.

The compression offense has always been one of the best offenses in football video games simply because everyone is bunched together.  Bunches naturally create screens, confusion and lots of open space.  Our team has been in the lab for hours labbing out the compression offense.  We chose the Multiple Playbook because of the variety of other formations it gives you other than Shotgun Tight Slots.

If you haven’t bought a product before, try this one.  It is cheap and you will get a sample of the high quality product we provide.  You will be scoring 50+ points in no time. 

Only $4.99!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes that’s right under $5 dollars