madden 13 nano blitz

Every year parts of the Madden community complain about extremely quick blitzes called, “Nanos” by many hardcore gamers.  Then the development team at EA Sports goes in and tries to fix the problem sometimes successfully and sometimes unsuccessfully.  Madden 13 will try out a new approach to trying to stop these blitzes.


In order to try to counter this problem, player movement on defense this year is severely limited.  If you try to move a linebacker around the field, many times he will just go right back to his original spot once you click off of him.  Some “sim” leagues have had a rule like that in place for a few years but now the cpu will automatically enforce it.

While this isn’t an ideal way to stop nanos and greatly takes away from the realism of the game, it could be somewhat effective.  No question it is a bold attempt to tone down some of the borderline cheesy tactics that go on during online games, but there will still be ways of creating quick pressure on defense it will just take a little extra time.

The development team has done a great job of putting new plays and formations into Madden 13 on both offense and defense so there is plenty of new plays to test out.  Some of them will surely create some quick pressure.

You can check out our Madden 13 tips section if you are struggling.  We should have a whole bunch of great concepts, schemes, and plays in there in a few days.


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