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madden 13 nano blitz

Nano Blitzes In Madden 13 Toned Down

madden 13 nano blitz

Every year parts of the Madden community complain about extremely quick blitzes called, “Nanos” by many hardcore gamers.  Then the development team at EA Sports goes in and tries to fix the problem sometimes successfully and sometimes unsuccessfully.  Madden 13 will try out a new approach to trying to stop these blitzes.

In order to try to counter this problem, player movement on defense this year is severely limited.  If you try to move a linebacker around the field, many times he will just go right back to his original spot once you click off of him.  Some “sim” leagues have had a rule like that in place for a few years but now the cpu will automatically enforce it.

While this isn’t an ideal way to stop nanos and greatly takes away from the realism of the game, it could be somewhat effective.  No question it is a bold attempt to tone down some of the borderline cheesy tactics that go on during online games, but there will still be ways of creating quick pressure on defense it will just take a little extra time.

The development team has done a great job of putting new plays and formations into Madden 13 on both offense and defense so there is plenty of new plays to test out.  Some of them will surely create some quick pressure.

You can check out our Madden 13 tips section if you are struggling.  We should have a whole bunch of great concepts, schemes, and plays in there in a few days.

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  1. Personally, I don’t love this. I play in 2 Sim leagues so i know that nobody will be nanoing. I liked to be able to move my players around so that I could change their zones. Really made it hard for the offense to make pre-snap reads.

    But I do enjoy ranked matches and it seems once you get past about 800 skill points this is all people do, so, overall I can’t be mad at this update. Lets all be grateful that EA listened to consumer feedback and made some changes

  2. I am glad they’re listening to feed back but once again the developers at EA prove to be the dumbest smart people I know. This is NOT the way to fix the problem. They put in a physics ” engine ” ( we’ll see how realistic that is in its first year ) Why not put in a ” Reality Engine ” ? It would basically be programmed to recognize unrealistic actions in a football game. Hey, the QB just got sacked 3 times in a row ? Ok the Qb recognizes that as basically impossible and for the next 3 plays the offensive line becomes a bunch of 99 studs who pancake everybody ! I mean everybody ! Punishment for nano blitzing. Geuss what. You just ran a slant to Vernon Davis for a first down 5 plays in a row. Doesn’t matter what defense your in. A DB gets smart and mans up on him and picks it off the next time he runs it. Automatically. You can work out the fine print all you want but fix the game ! I’m already hearing people online talk about new nanos and money plays and that’s just with the demo.

    1. Corrections – I’m talking about the QB getting sacked three times in a row as soon as he gets the ball in his or the RB’s hands. That’s ridiculous and it’s frustrating to get blown out by people who otherwise couldn’t play a lick.

      1. The notion of nano blitzing in Madden 12 was a myth. EVERY blitz could be stopped either by slide protection and/or motioning players. EA Sports’ motto of “Its in the game” is complete bullshit. Their real philosophy is that, because certain “casual” players were unable to stop otherwise stoppable blitzes, then the game should be dumbed down for these players. To hell with strategy. To hell with realism. To hell with the players who have made them what they are today, those who have been there since the beginning.

        1. you’re dumb dude, all nanos operated on exploiting the fact you could trick offensive linemen into ignoring a block by positioning blitzers in a certain way, it was not strategic or realistic in the slightest, it was a crutch for people who couldnt play proper defense and user.

          the best way to counter it which ea has not realized is to give the offensive the ability to control their linemens’ blocking routes on an individual basis, just like how you hot route receivers, it gives a valid counter to the exploits of nano blitzing because then your, say, left tackle will make sure not to ignore the linebacker who ran right at his face.

          you my friend are just another bad scrub who is scared of the idea of having to counter plays on your own merits. and btw in all past madden games there were 100% effective nanos that were impossible to stop by any means and the only counter was typically making a quick panic throw out of snugs flip and hoping for the best…shit that like cheapens the game.