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madden 13 special teams

Special Teams Tips For Madden 13

madden 13 special teams

A typical Madden gamer spends 90% of their time practicing offense, 10% practicing defense and no time at all practicing special teams.  That isn’t necessarily a terrible thing since special teams is fairly easy to handle once you get the hang of it but there are a few things that should be considered when setting up your special teams.  This article will walk you through them.  If you have any questions, just leave a comment and I’ll attempt to clear things up.

  1. Kick power is really the only thing that matters on kickers and punters.  A kicker with 88 kick power and 99 accuracy isn’t nearly as good in Madden 13 (or any Madden NFL game for that matter) as a kicker with 92 kick power and 80 accuracy.  So keep that in mind when going through kickers and punters.
  2. Use a high speed, high accel player to return kicks and punts.  The hard part of any return is getting past the first wave of defenders.  Once you get into the open field you don’t want to be run down.
  3. As tempting as it is to use your best receiver or running back to return kicks, don’t do it.  There is no easier way to get your best player hurt than using him too much.
  4. Kick a few field goals in practice mode with the kicker on the team you usually use.  Start at the 33 yard line (50 yard field goal) and slowly move the ball back 1 yard at a time so you know exactly how far you can kick without wind.

Even though it is a very minor part of Madden 13, special teams can often make of break a game.  What other special teams tips do you use?  Leave a comment and let us know.

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  1. Thanks for the tips. im sure with Sebastian janikowski and the raiders i wont have much trouble with field goals ;). But i have always used my Best RB and WR to return kicks and it caused a season ending injury in madden 12 for me lol. CANT wait for madden 13 i have it pre orderd ^^

  2. I don’t know if this is a stupid question or a recurrent problem but I haven’t been able to kick de ball in the Madden 13 demo for Xbox, wich button should I press? Is it not A any more? I tried to erased the demo and then download it again but I keep having that problem, I’d really appreciate some help

    1. First hit down on the right analog stick to get the kick meter going then hit up on the stick to get it to stop.


    3. lol its back to the stick, why didnt you just try that?

  3. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve never seen the CPU miss a field goal in Madden 12. I wonder if that trend will continue in Madden 13?

    1. i have seen it plenty of times. however the reason why you dont see it is as often is because they punt way more often at the iffy distances.

  4. i would also look carrying ratings if they are fast and fumble then there is no point to have them back. and in franchise mode go pick up a crap wr that is fast. i use to get jocoby ford before he started doing good

  5. What position player do you suggest using for returning punt’s and kicks then?

  6. In madden 12 you could do an onside kick from the standard kickoff positioning by starting the kickoff with the x button and finishing the kick hitting the O button (PS3). How can I do this now with the new madden13 controls??? Any help would be appreciated

    1. I think they took the surprise onside kick out of the game this year. But I could be wrong

  7. i always use my backup HBs or WRs which ever has speed and a decent carry rating around 75 or so i used ben tate for texans last year instead of holliday or j jones , Carry rating Trumps speed for me because 1 fumble on a kickoff return could be the difference in a GM and thats playing smart , and playin that way won me over 1000 gms last year in 12 and i lost under 100 excactly 87

  8. I can not figure out how on special teams kick return can you shift the team back towards end zone and how to shift from return to onsides return. And vice.versa?

  9. I have a ps4 what button do I press to punt !!!!!! Please help me out

  10. When kicking a field goal the team may be position left or right on the field, how to get my kick down the middle & on madden 13 where do u go to practice field goals on practice mode?? Thanks!!!