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MS Tournaments Are Back For Madden 16

We are bringing back Madden 16 tournaments on the PlayStation 4 and the XBOX One.  We will not have any tournaments on the PlayStation 3 or XBOX 360.

As we have done in the past, the tournaments are free to enter and will have cash prizes as well as free Madden 16 eBooks for the winners/runners up.  In order to be eligible to participate in our tournaments, you will need to be a Madden School member.

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Tournaments are eligible to everyone regardless of skill level.  Whether you are a seasoned professional or if you have never touched a Madden game before, you are welcome to join.

The tournaments will be capped at 32 players.  Spots in all of our Madden 16 tourneys go to the first people to sign up.  We will announce via our website and social media when tournament signups open.  If you miss a tournament, it isn’t a huge deal as there will be more throughout the year.

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    1. Our goal is to help as many people improve at the Madden NFL video games as we can

      1. What skill level should I play on to get ready for the tournaments

  1. How can I work for/with you guys? My madden Skills are on point. What online rank should I be?

  2. How do I get in the tournament for Xbox one

    1. The tournaments will be posted on here once Madden 16 is released.

  3. 2 question. Which city and state will this be held in, and is the tournament for fun and giggles or will there be cash prize?

    1. It will be hosted online. There will likely be prizes

  4. Like cash said my madden skills are very good I can now tell defences and I am blowing out every opponent online I was in the top 2 percent until I stopped playing for a little so I would like to work with you guys as well

  5. Ima beast at madden, and want to be in the tournament.go pack go !!!

  6. I am very good at madden. And I was also wondering is there a way I can work for you guys?

    1. Send over an email to with some of the basics about yourself. What console you play on, any qualifications you have, if you can record tips, etc.

  7. Madden 16 is out but I don’t see any tournament sup yet