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Madden 15: Singleback Twin TE Slot – FL Screen

Newly signed Madden School Pro Wayne6578 is coming at you with his first Madden 15 tip for us and his first play is a good one.

In this tip, we are turning a wide receiver screen into a running back screen and we will get really good blocking.  This play has very good potential to turn into a big gain each and every time you call it.

Madden 15 Offense Tips: FL Screen Play Utilizing The RB

Playbook: Chicago Bears

Formation: Singleback Twins TE Slot

Play: WR Screen


  1. Drag the outside receiver who is originally on the screen route
  2. Swing the halfback to the side of the WR screen.
  3. Optional streak the Inside TE.
  4. This play can be flipped and ran to the opposite side of the field.


  1. The running back on the swing route
  2. The WR running the drag route Drag route (especially against man to man defense)
  3. The Tight End on the streak route

Overview: Don’t run it to much or your opponent will key in on the HB and the play won’t work as it is intended. Hit the WR on the drag route against Man defense and you will confuse your opponent.

You will want a running back who is fast, has good hands, and can make a few defenders miss in the open field.

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