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10 Players That Will Dominate Madden 16

We are now into April which means that Madden 16 is only 4 months away.  As we look forward to the release, we are going over 10 players that will absolutely dominate in Madden NFL 16.

Some are obvious, some may come as surprises, and some you may not agree with.  Find out below who we think are 10 players that will make a big impact in Madden 16.

1. Calvin Johnson

Calvin Johnson has been the best wide receiver in Madden for the last 5 years.  That won’t change in Madden 16.

The size, strength, speed, catch ratings combination he has is every opponent’s nightmare.

Send him deep on a streak route once or twice, and the defense will have to respect it all game.

The other thing Calvin Johnson does is completely open up every aspect of your offense like other receivers and the running game.

2. J.J. Watt

J.J. Watt is one of the rare 3-4 defensive ends that you can actually get consistent sacks with.  Not only that, but he can stuff the run.

People will actively avoid running to the side he is on and they’ll block an extra tight end or running back just because they are worried about him.

Look for him to be have a 99 overall rating when Madden 16 comes out.

3. Richard Sherman

The trend in Madden games is that shutdown corners keep becoming more and more important with each passing year.

Sherman has really good ratings but what really matters is that he has the height to stop annoying face catches, rocket catches, or whatever fancy catches Madden NFL 16 will have in it.

Much like J.J. Watt, just the threat of Richard Sherman will keep your opponent from even challenging him.  That will make your defense so much more effective.

4. Aaron Rodgers

The Tom Brady/Peyton Manning/Drew Brees type quarterback is great in the NFL, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into success with Madden.

Aaron Rodgers has all of the throw power, throw accuracy, awareness ratings that all of those guys have but he also has enough speed to make your opponent put a defender in a QB spy.

5. Marshawn Lynch

It doesn’t get any easier than finding a good inside running play and giving the ball to Beastmode.  Just sit back, relax, and pick up your 4-6 yards each and every time.

At higher levels, he is going to be just about impossible to stop.

If you are looking for a power running back, Marshawn Lynch is your guy in Madden 16.

6. Rob Gronkowski

Jimmy Graham and Rob Gronkowski are the 2 best tight ends in Madden every year.  The nod here goes to Rob Gronkowski although Graham will be a nightmare as well.

Impossible to defend and even harder to bring down, Rob Gronkowski will absolutely dominate defense in Madden 16.

7. Patrick Peterson

Patrick Peterson and Richard Sherman are the only 2 cornerbacks that can defend Calvin Johnson.  For that reason alone, Patrick Peterson makes this list.

If you don’t want to use Patrick Peterson at cornerback, you can move him to free safety and have one of the best user defenders in the game.

Not only that but he is a great kick and punt returner and will change your special teams in Madden 16.  He is one of the most versatile players you will ever find.

8. Luke Kuechly

Since Patrick Willis retired, Luke Kuechly is the logical choice as the next MLB that everyone fears in Madden.

He has the speed, coverage, awareness, hit power, and every other important rating you need to be an amazing Madden linebacker.

Look for him to be the first MLB taken in any Madden 16 fantasy draft.

9. Adrian Peterson

Yes there is plenty of uncertainty regarding Adrian Peterson but his raw stats aren’t likely to change much between Madden 15 and Madden 16.

He is the only running back in Madden that is truly an elite mix of speed and power.  You can run HB Dive or HB Sweep and have just as much success either way.

For that reason alone, Adrian Peterson will dominate in Madden 16.

10. Marcus Mariota

This selection might come as a shock to people but if you look back at the history of Madden and rookie quarterbacks that can run, it makes a lot of sense.

Think how dominant Michael Vick was his first year in Madden.  Same thing with Robert Griffin III.  Regardless of how he actually turns out in the NFL, he will come into Madden 16 with great running ratings and good throw power.

His awareness will be low but as most of you probably have realized, awareness means nothing to a quarterback when you actually play the games.

If you think this pick is outrageous, go into a 32 man league and do a fantasy draft with real people.  I guarantee Mariota goes in the first round.  Or in a regular franchise mode, try to trade for him.  Even though he will have a low overall, his value and his impact will be huge in Madden 16.

What players did we miss? Who shouldn’t be on this list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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  1. Ehh I don’t think JJ Watt is that big of a deal. I’ve never struggled too much against him. Guys like Earl Thomas are the ones I am really afraid of.

    1. Ya, you always have to watch out for those big hitting safeties in Madden. Earl Thomas is an absolute beast.

    2. U are so dumb, do u even know why he is #1 in the top 100’s cuz he leads in sacks and u can’t escape from him u don’t know shit about football

    3. Post comment

      lonnie burnside (keine moniker) says:

      i was just thinking this lol

  2. You must be outta your damn mind if you think Rob Gronkowski is better in Madden than Jimmy Graham!

    1. bruh u guys are dumb you guys don’t know who’s the best in madden but if I cuz gummy graham can’t block and can only catch but he gets injured but gronk can block catch and he’s not afraid of anything cuz he literally dive for impossible catches and if u ever think that jimmy is better the gronk u are stupid and the name “gronk” sound way better then “jimmy ” and also u guys do not watch football at all cuz gronks stats are way better.

  3. Good list. Patrick Peterson is legit

    1. Yes sir he is so tough. You can lock down one side of the field with him or you can roam around with him and get 2 or more user interceptions per game.

    1. What do you like about him? He is really accurate but he doesn’t have the big throw power ratings you need to make all the deep throws.

    1. U have to know that we are doing who is the top ten best players in the NFL not who’s the best WR bruh dumbass

  4. How about Antonio Brown? Or Le’Veon Bell?

  5. How about Percy Harvin. His speed makes him hard to guard.

    1. Ya he is a good choice too. Impossible to defend and always a threat to score.

    2. Percy harvin is booty cuz he has anger issues and he gets injured all the time.

  6. I know that Richard Sherman is the best corner in the NFL right now cuz that would be stupid if they rated him “99” if he’s not the best