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Madden Tips- Mastering The Cutback

Most Madden 11 experts agree that the key to a successful running game  is to wait and follow your blockers instead of just running as fast as you can as you see most gamers do.  This is something that can be hard to visualize unless you see it in action so we have decided to take screenshots and videos of how to perform a successful cutback in madden 11.  This will technique will transfer to madden 12 as well.  For this madden tip, we picked a random toss play out of singleback with Chris Johnson of the Titans.  Most people try to get to the corner as fast as they can and turn it up field with speedy backs like C.J.  While this can sometimes lead to huge gains, you really should mix in other moves to keep the defense off balance.

You see in the image below we come out in a basic singleback twin wr formation and call hb pitch.  The defense has commited to the run as you can see by the 9 guys in the box as well as 7 defenders on the side of the field that we are running to.

madden 12 cutback

We then take the snap and try to get to the corner, but from the looks of it we will get cutoff by the 3 unblocked defenders who have a head start to the sideline.

madden cutback 11

We decide to plant our outside footer and cut it back.  You see that at this point the 3 defenders have over pursued and all the other defenders are headed up field instead of closing in on the ball carrier.  You can see in the image below that if you follow right behind your blockers you will be able to get a significant gain.  You will also see that your receivers blocking down field have opened a large hole.

madden tips

You now follow your blockers.  You will see that some of your blocks have fallen apart, but compared to the negative 4 yard gain you were looking at before, the 5-8 easy yards you are now looking at is a significant gain.

madden cutback move

Notice that you end up with a respectable 6 yard gain.    Importantly, the defense now has to stay honest and not over pursue your running back to the sideline which will open up the field for you.

madden cutback part 5

This concept has worked for all madden games so it will more that likely work for madden 12 as well.  This tactic takes patience and discipline, but it will make your running game deadly in madden 11 if you can master it.  You can take a look at the video at the top of the page to see an example on how this madden tips can result in a touchdown.

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12 years ago

madden 12 is all about the running game. it is almost unfair how i run on the cpu