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Madden Offensive Scheme: I-Form Slot Flex

madden scheme

I Form Slot Flex-Mesh
1. Hot route X/A to a slant
Just by slanting the slot receiver, you can make this both a man and zone beater. Against man, look for your mesh routes (drag routes). One of them will get open. Your slot receiver can also break across the field for a big gain. You also have your HB and FB on the wheel and flat if they send the house. Against zone, look again to your drags. The slot on the slant will deepen the hook zones leaving both drags open over the middle. Just pass lead down and inside to either one. Then turn upfield quickly. If done at the right time, the other receiver on the drag and the receiver on the slant will set up nice blocks for an easy gain.

I Form Slot Flex-HB Blast
1. Flip run to slot receiver side
2. Motion Circle/B
This is a great zone blocking play that can go for big yards if read correctly. Motion Circle/B inside. If you read man coverage (the DB follows Circle/B), let the receiver keep running across the field. You can hike it when he gets across the last line lineman. If you read zone coverage (the DB does NOT follow Circle/B when he is motioned), hike the ball when he passes the slot receiver. This will create a nice running lane and a crack block from your motioned wide receiver. If the play breaks down, look for the cutback instead of the bounce to the outside.

I Form Slot Flex-HB Slip Screen
This play needs no adjustments. Slip Screens out of I Form are a great way to catch your opponent off guard. Just drop back and hit your HB after the rush commits to you. Make sure you don’t out run your blockers.

I Form Slot Flex-HB Lead Draw
This is by far one of the better running plays in the game. After hitting your opponent with the mesh and hitting them with the screen, it’s time to expose their running lanes. Just follow your FB up the hole and be prepared to cutback.

Mix these plays up to keep your opponent on their heels and make them account for everything. These concepts should work with madden 12 as well.

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