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Madden Tips: Run Heavy Pa Fb Flat

madden 12 run gameMost people realize that it is much easier to pass once you establish a running game.  What they do not realize is how hard it is to run unless you keep your opponent honest with a pass every now and then.  Just because you made the decision to pound the rock and commit the the ground game does not mean that you should never pass.  You need to keep the defense honest.  Below, madden-school goes over on of the best pass plays out of a running formation in madden 11.

Play: I-Form Twin Te-  PA Fb Flat


  1. Hot Route your 2nd tight end to a drag route
  2. (Optional) Send your running back out on a route or have him black to cancel the play action


  1. Your tight ends both run great routes for 8 and 15 yard gains respectively.
  2. If the flat is open feel free to throw it out to your fullback


You can probably see the trend by now.  These tips will likely work for madden 12 the same way they do for madden 11.  When you learn concepts instead of money plays, you will be able to transfer your skills from one madden game to another.

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