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Madden’s Greatest Leagues

Madden’s Greatest
The People’s League

Welcome to the Madden 10 Leagues that are all about the baller.

Let’s be real for a second. We know there are several online Madden leagues out there. Some are top of the line, while other struggle to get to the line. Some are respectable and honest, while others lose sight of why they decided to start a league in the first place.

Madden leagues – they’re everywhere.

So why choose Madden’s Greatest Leagues?

Simple. We consider ourselves to be the people’s league. We’re all about why there are madden leagues out there in the first place – you guys. With MG, you’ll immediately realize that it’s “all about the ballers, not about the dollars”. We know that our league will be only as successful as its members want it to be. Without the players, there is no MG, and we don’t lose sight of that. With superbowls, mvps, and cash prizes to be won, what’s there to lose, give it a try!

Not totally sold yet? That’s fine, no pressure or rush. Give one season with us for a spin. MG doesn’t have to be a money league if you don’t want it to be. At no charge, you can undergo the MG Experience. Feel free to play in other leagues as well at that time. We’re all about bringing the community together.

If an active, competitive, and fun Madden community is something you want to be a part of, then it’s up to you to choose the “Madden’s Greatest League”. With your help, we can be on the verge of something exciting. With your help, we can establish ourselves as a legitimate online league. This has been done before. And it can be done again. Tired of seeing the same leagues on your computer screen? Then let’s make change happen. And it all starts with you.

Leagues are open on both consoles (ps3 and 360)


Click here to sign for the MG PS3 Experience

Click here to sign for the MG 360 Experience supports Madden’s Greatest Leagues, and would recommend them to anyone as a great league to participate in.  They have already had 10 successful season’s and look to continue their success when madden 10 comes out on august 14th

Why gamble with random leauges that someone with no experience starts up?  Join a league you know will be fun and will  actually finish.

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Wayne Terry
Wayne Terry
14 years ago

I have been playing Madden 10 online (random opponents: ranked and non-ranked) for three months with limited success; however I am consistently improving. I think league play could be very interesting. What step are recommend to start playing in a league?