The Madden 10 soundtrack as been released to the public and with mostly positive opinions from the public.  The music in this year’s game include a fair mix of hip hop and rock artists. 

The madden 10 soundtrack includes:

  • 2Pac- Can’t See Me
  • Airbourne- Heads are Gonna Roll
  • Alice In Chains- Them Bones
  • B.oB.- Created A Monster
  • Bang Camero- Revolution
  • Beastie Boys- Sabotage
  • Black Sabath- Paraniod
  • Cypress Hill- Get ‘Em Up
  • Helmet- Unsung
  • Iron Maiden- Aces High
  • Judas Priest- Painkiller
  • Kid Rock- I Am The Bullgod
  • Killswitch Engage- Reckoning
  • Korn- Blind
  • Mastodon- Divinations
  • Nas Feat. Puff Daddy- Hate Me Now
  • Nirvana- Breed
  • Pantera- Walk
  • Public Enemy- Shut Em Down
  • Rage Against The Machine- Guerilla Radio
  • Set Your Goals- Gaia Bleeds (Make Way For Man)
  • Slipknot- Duality
  • System Of A Down- Sugar
  • The Vanity Plan- Before I Die
  • Young Dre The Truth- Cheah Beah

What do you think?  What does it need?  More Rap? Hip Hop? Rock?  Most people seems pretty happy with it but there are always ways to improve things.  Let us know with a comment below or discuss it in the forums at our partner website