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Madden 10 Player Ratings

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  1. once again madden got their ratings confused with the high school game. I can somewhat agree with a ratings raping for Vick, but 90 speed and 69 accuracy is just wrong. Pat White is not an 87 speed either. Last year they had Marvin Harrison as a high 90 now hes a low 80. I understand players fall off and get old but come on this shit is unrealistic

  2. buddy, last year was unrealistic, i never seen marvin run past a cornerback, with pure speed, ive seen vick do it and pat white is maybe a little overrated witht the speed but he is faster than marvin harrison, marvin was never a burner

  3. Last year half the players were running the 40-yard dash in 3.5 seconds.. noone can do that.

  4. deangelo should not be a 94 its just stupid…
    he had the most touchdowns last year and he runs like a beast
    seriously? 94? its bullshit!!

  5. i go to school with Brian Johnson’s sister, her name is Brittany, i know Brian when i saw his ratings i was dumbfounded Crabtree had a better rating than some seasoned veterans, i saw the creators on ESPN First Take a few months ago and they had TJ Housmanzadah on and he was pissed, damn i didnt know he was that slow, they said he ran at combine and he didnt wtf Madden 10 is fun as hell though, get ratings right

  6. shut up we all know adrain peterson is the best

  7. You would think by now that by Madden 10, they would make the game and players looking more realistic. I hate the fact that they made the players cartoon-like. Madden 08 is still my favorite, Madden 09 is ok, and ill still play it, but im not playin madden 10.

  8. Alex.. you must be a young Kid.. because you never saw Marvin Harrison run past a DB? I saw him do it plenty of times in the earlier part of the decade.. Starvin Marvin was a burner back in college too.. Mcnabb was his quarterback.. if you didnt know..

  9. all of them are shit anyway titans all he way baby chris johnson is ledgend so is brandon jacobs if u dissagree ure on drugs or u dont no jack about football and tilson adrian peterson is not the best hes shit i also agree with brian they did make the players VERY cartoon like but it is the most realistic madden game 2 date and it is a sweet fun game

  10. eddie royal is the best reciver so get it right