The halfback draw is one of the most effective running plays in madden 11 but was rarely used.  Below we go over a play that worked wonders for our team at and may work in madden 12 as well.

Formation and Play: Strong Twin Te- HB Draw

There is really no setup needed. So we can get right to the breakdown.

hb draw

You will notice that we come out against the Charger defense that has 10 men in the box.  We are in a pretty obvious running formation so the defense is committing heavily to the run.  We decide to run the hb draw play even though the defense appears to be ready for it.

hb draw 2

It looks like the defense is getting good penetration up the middle.  This is where an experienced gamer would automatically think to bounce the ball outside, which is what we intend to do.

hb draw 3

This is the most crucial image for you to understand.  By bouncing the run to the outside, we have 8 charger defenders on the wrong side of the field who now have no chance to make a play on the ball.  We have X’ed them out because they are no longer relevant.  You can see by the check marks that we have 2 big tight ends blocking a scrawny cornerback and a safety.  Our only concern is the safety playing center field which we circled, but that shouldn’t be a problem because we have a free offensive guard who should go downfield and block.

hb draw 4

We are able to follow the gaping lane in between our tight ends but for some reason, our guard decides to turn back into the trailing defenders instead of blocking the circled safety.

hb draw 5

We now have a 1 on 1 with MJD against a safety in the open field.  Any decent madden player will be able to break this for a touchdown.

touchdown jaguars!

Touchdown Jaguars!

As you can see, if you run the hb draw correctly, you will be able to pick up large chunks or yardage. will be doing similiar breakdowns for madden 12, so make sure you keep checking back in.