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Top 5 Madden 12 Receivers

madden-12-receiversWith Madden 12 rapidly approaching, we decided to break down the top 5 receivers in the upcoming game. Our information is based on overall player ratings released by EA Sports at the E3 conference this month.  Keep in mind that a high overall player rating does not always translate into on-field madden dominance.

5. Calvin Johnson Jr- Lions

Calvin Johnson Jr may only be the 5th best wide receiver in madden 12 in terms of ratings, but his on-field playing ability will be second to none.  Madden has always been all about physical tools and Megatron has plenty of those.  His 6’5” frame with a 42” vertical jump and 4.3 speed amounts to a madden machine.    The Detroit Lions will be a formidable Madden 12 team largely because of Calvin Johnson’s skills.  There may not be a player in madden that means more to his team.  Look for Calvin to go in the top 10 overall in many fantasy drafts this year.

4. Reggie Wayne- Colts

Reggie Wayne is one of the most boring receivers that madden has ever saw.  He doesn’t have great speed, strength, height or explosiveness.  However, because of his amazing catch ratings and route running ability, he still is one of the more dangerous receivers in madden.  With Peyton Manning’s pinpoint accuracy, Wayne is good for a good 10 catches a game.  By putting Wayne and Dallas Clark on the same side of the field, you put the defense in a compromising position.  If you send Reggie Wayne on the short crisp routes in madden 12, you will open up the deep pass for speedsters like Pierre Garcon.

3. Larry Fitzgerald- Cardinals

If Fitzy had a halfway decent quarterback over the last 2 years (See Madden 09 with Kurt Warner) he would still be 1 or 2 on this list.  The Cardinals still haven’t found a long-term replacement for either Kurt Warner or Anquan Boldin which puts even more pressure on Fitzgerald.  He has all of the physical skills one looks for in a madden receiver except the almighty speed rating.  Fitzgerald’s rating could rise or fall rapidly based on if a halfway decent qb emerges from the Cardinals crop of qb’s.

2. Roddy White- Falcons

Roddy White is the most dangerous players on one of the most dangerous offenses in madden 12.  The Falcons have everything a good madden offense needs with Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, Tony Gonzalez and Roddy White.  You will want to use Roddy White’s speed and playmaking ability to keep the opposing defense from overplaying the run or double teaming Tony G.

1. Andre Johnson- Texans

Johnson is the complete package in both the NFL and Madden 12.  He is the most unstoppable wide receiver in any since Randy Moss in Madden 08.  He can run any route against any defense and get open 9 times out of 10.  Look for him to have the same or better speed and strength ratings that he has had over the past few years which completely neutralizes the overused bump-n-run defense used by all of the top madden nfl 12 gamers.  Andre Johnson is one of the biggest threats in this year’s game.

Madden 12 Honorable Mention Receivers

  • Greg Jennings
  • Brandon Marshall
  • Desean Jackson
  • Dwayne Bowe

How do you think should be rated higher in madden 12 and who should not have made this list.  Let us know in the comments section or in our madden 12 forum.

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  1. you guys gotta be high andre johnson and roddy white what about marvin harrison anthony gonzales donald driver anquan boldin come the texans had the 11th pick come there record was 6 and 10 really i mean the falcons were good when they had Vick but now noooooooooooooo the 6th pick with a record of 13 and 3 and still did nt go to the super bowl so u guys need to change this list cause i am an expirienced gamer and i dont like this at alllll

    1. you sir have no idea what you are talking about a teams succes does not rely solely on the reciever and the point to this is to make it as real as possible n the only reason the falcons had the sixth pick is because they traded for it

      1. Dude marvin Harrison retired your a dumbass

        1. no he didnt hes in prison for shooting someone!

    2. ur completly right bout the falcons. they were good with vick now there a superbowl team vick couldnt put 2 winning seasons back 2 back……. they got the 6th pick cuz of a trade. and jus cuz u sucked ur whole life at video games doesnt meen u can say im an experienced gamer……. fuck u

    3. andre johnson is clearly way better than boldin, driver and definetly anthony gonzalez.. Gonzalez is a slot reciever, you cant even compare him to johnson, and did yu see the season that roddy white had last year?come on.

    4. Charles…. U r dum… U no nothing… Delete your comment!

    5. You need to know what you're talking about before you speak. The falcons traded up for the sixth pick they didn't earn it and besides a 13-3 team could never pick out of the top 15 without trading up. Would have known that if you knew anything about football. And furthermore Marvin Harrison doesn't play in the NFL he hasn't played in years and the rest of the receivers you named are old and slow so get your facts together before you post something so silly.

  2. andre johnson rand roddy white r clearly the best @ receivers but i was thinkin that mike wallace shoulve made honorable mention

  3. When has Andre Jhonson or Rody White had a disapointing season .I have ben playing madden sinsce the 06 came out nd they have always dominated its just a mater of fact that u have to know how to use them to dominate the defense

  4. Andre & roddy definently are the top 2. But if this was a top 20 WR list than I would have to put johnny knox in,there lol. He’s very fast & has solid hands. He just doesnt have size.

  5. Take out calvin pop in The Main man Brandon Marshall and i agree with all top five but calvins got do a little more to proove himself to me. He is good real good but top five? NOOOO. Brandon has 3 100 plus reception years and 22 catches in one game just cause his QB blows you guys hate on him give him arron or brees he is MVP

  6. R yall retarted…Andre is a Freak…if he went to the colts or patriots he wood break every single season record…roddy white idk…Megatron is in the correct place…but Santonio Holmes shood b above desean jackson…jackson is a good "kick return" not receiver n the corners that he go up against twice a yr r horrible….Cowboys…Giants…Redskins….i dnt even know or want to kno their names…

    1. Santonio Holmes should be ahead of Desean Jackson??? Are you kidding me? Compared to Santonio Holmes's 14.3 average YPC, Desean was averaging 22.5 YPC last year. Also, Desean played only two more games then Holmes, but had over 300 yards more receiving. Not to mention Deseans 100+ yards rushing and rushing touchdown last year. But more importantly then all of that, the best madden players are the faster ones. And Desean Jackson is undoubtebly one of the top 5 fastest players in the league. 99 speed agil elusiv and acc mean a lot more then holmes good route running and cathing ability. O yea btw, NFC East has Defensive Backs like Deangelo Hall (2011 pro-bowler), Antrel Rolle (2011 pro bowler), Terrance newman, and Laron Landry. Next time you wanna have immature hometown bias for your stupid overrated jets just shutup please and thanks.

    2. Clearly you never watched the eagles… Let me explain something to you Desean Jackson is a great WR. Might not be tall but he is fast and is a great deep ball threat. Just cause you saw his punt return against the Giants on ESPN does NOT mean all he can do is Return kicks DUMBASS! Get your facts straight first!
      Oh btw Just because your wanna be team (the Jets) don't have Santonio Holmes up there you have to complain. Look you says our corners suck that we have gone up against… who were soo good that you went up against?? Oh and if my comment wasn't enough for you Ryan says it all.

  7. Greg jennings and dewayne bowed should of been in tha top five,they both were in tha teens in touchdowns last season how could u over look them

  8. I'm sorry but have you all forgot about Larry Fitzgearld? Just cuz he doesn't have a quarterback doesnt mean Andre Johnson is better. I say Fitsgearld with a QB is number one and AJ number 2. I really don't think anyone in the league can catch like him.

  9. shut up i know my nfl dont be talkin bout andre that way they have the charts all right i give them thumbs up and yall talkin bout tony gonzoles HE IS A TIGHT END not a RECIVER