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Madden 13 Turbozoom Concept

The turbozoom concept, which can be ran out of the Houston Texans’ offensive playbook, is dangerously effective in Madden 13.  You will notice our running back getting a huge burst of speed when the ball is snapped and gets a great jump on the defense.  It absolutely destroys cover 3 defense while still very productive against cover 2 zone defense and man to man defense.  We have the full breakdown below.

Playbook: Houston Texans

Formation: Gun Tight Doubles On

Play: Any passing play

Madden 13 Houston Offensive eBook (Turbo Zoom Concept)

  1. Hot route your running back to a streak route and motion him to the left.
  2. Hot route your other receivers to any route you want (we recommend putting both outside receivers on fade routes).


  1. You should notice that your running back pretty much false starts and takes about 2 steps before anyone else on offense.  Against cover 3, just lead pass into the open space.
  2. Against cover 2, either of your outside wide receivers on fade routes will be open.
  3. Against a man to man blitz, just lob the ball to your running back who will be running by a safety or linebacker.

In the video above, we run it with just the running back going out on a route against a standard cover 3 defense.  Obviously we don’t recommend doing this.  We did it this way just to prove a point.

The turbozoom concept can be found in the Houston Texans offensive playbook.  We have 42 other plays with full hd videos that you can mix this play in with.  Check out our Houston Offensive eBook today!

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11 years ago

Good play works well

11 years ago

I like it