The most common running play that is being called at higher levels of Madden is HB Stretch.  Today, we are breaking down a really easy way to stop any HB Stretch in Madden NFL 17.

Check out the full breakdown below.

Playbook: Multiple D (And Others)

Formation: 3-4 Odd

Play: Cover 2 Hard Flat


  1. Base align
  2. Press coverage
  3. Move both cornerbacks to the inside until you can see them on the screen

Overview: The Stretch run is the most popular run in this year’s game. This defense will shut it down. The corners will fly in to blow up the run as the running back is handed the ball. User the safety just to make sure the running back does not get outside.


Let’s break it down a little further.

Madden 17 Stretch Defense 1

This is how the play should look.  Notice the position of the cornerbacks.

Madden 17 Stretch Defense 2

This is what the offense will see pre-snap.

Madden 17 Stretch Defense 3

You notice right away that our cornerback is in the backfield right when the running back gets the ball.

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