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Madden 17 Money Formation: Strong-I Tight

Today we are going over a really effective running scheme in Madden 17 for late game situations when you are trying to protect a lead.

You can check it out below.

Madden NFL 17 Strong Tight Scheme

Playbook: Baltimore Ravens

Formation: Strong-I Tight

Play: HB Counter Wk

  • Count the number of defenders. If they’re stacking the box to stop the run to the right, run this back to the left.

Play: HB Dive

  • If the offensive line is spread or there’s nobody over the Center, run this play.

Play: HB Stretch

  • If the right edge is weak, run this play.

Play: FB Dive

  • Use this play when your opponent is keying on the HB Stretch, especially at MLB. Try to look to read the Center’s block and cut off his angle.

Play: PA Power O


  • Use this as your default passing play and look for the TE on his corner route.

Overview: This money scheme provides your offense with a multitude of ways to attack the defense, from runs to the left, runs up the middle, and runs to the right to quick passes and PA passes down the field.

Use this scheme when it’s late in the game to chew up some clock and move the chains and don’t forget to take what the defense gives you with this scheme. Don’t try to hit homeruns and score touchdowns on every play – take your 5 yards and chew that clock!

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7 years ago

wouldn’t this strategy work for all formations? assuming your using custom audibles