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Madden NFL 17 Cleveland Browns Team Breakdown

The Cleveland Browns head into Madden NFL 17 similar to how they enter most Madden seasons.  You can see the potential for a really good team but they just aren’t quite there yet.

We have the full Madden 17 Cleveland Browns team breakdown below.

Team: Cleveland Browns

Offensive Strategy: Use your speed.  Robert Griffin III, Isaiah Crowell, Corey Coleman, and Andrew Hawkins all have top end speed for their positions.  The Browns also have a great option at tight end with Gary Barnidge.

Defensive Strategy: Force turnovers.  The Browns have a solid pash rush but more importantly for Madden 17, they have 4 really good options at cornerback.  You should be able to slow down your opponent’s passing game and force a couple turnovers.

Impact Players: QB Robert Griffin III, WR Corey Coleman, TE Gary Barnidge, LT Joe Thomas, LG Joel Bitonio, RE Emmanuel Ogbah, LOLB Barkevious Mingo, MLB DeMario Davis, ROLB Paul Kruger, CB Joe Haden, CB Tramon Williams, CB Kwaun Williams, CB Justin Gilbert

Strengths: Speed on offense and cornerback.  If you can get the ball to your playmakers in space you will have a pretty good chance of moving the ball against most defenses.

Weaknesses: Dominant players.  The Browns don’t have the game changing players that elite teams have.  Outside of Joe Haden and Joe Thomas, the Browns don’t have anyone who is a top player at their position.

Overview: The Browns are far from a top team in Madden 17, but they have the raw potential to become a very good team with roster updates if they put together a decent season.

Browns fans, let us know what we missed in the comments section.

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  1. A little weird that Crow has top end speed for his position but no love for Duke? He’s definitely a playmaker catching the call out of the backfield, and is faster than Crow.

  2. Crowell faster than Johnson? Not realistic.

  3. And don’t forget Josh Gordon is back. Scooby Wright should be a sleeper at the linebacker position and Mingo slimmed down 20 pounds and is faster.

  4. Why do all the bums online use the same 5 cheese teams lol half of them have no user skill the computer make plays why they look lost

  5. Post comment

    Adrian Delontae (OfficialAED) says:

    I started a rebuild in Madden NFL 17 with the Cleveland Browns. I kept the roster the same at the start of the 2016 season, it was in the off-season with I really started making moves. We went 3-13, started the season 0-7. I was think about tanking the entire season mainly because of the draft. I didn’t because I really wanted to see what needed work and what didn’t. I let Josh Gordon walk (stupid move?) didn’t feel he fit into the scheme I wanted to run. I ended up putting Robert Griffin III, Gary Barnidge, Josh McCown, Isaiah Crowell, and Duke Johnson Jr. on the block. I wanted to rebuild via draft, and I got good picks per player. Heading into the draft, I have 3 first-round picks, 2 second-round picks, 2 third-round picks, 4 fourth-round picks, and 1 fifth, sixth, and seventh-round pick(s) I’m mainly looking to trade the duplicate picks for either players or future picks. In the draft (I haven’t done it yet) I plan to work on the offensive side mainly. Find a possible franchise QB (The Browns and QB’s don’t go well) and work on the running back situation. Add depth to the O-Line, get a WR to work alongside Corey Coleman. Defensively, I mainly want to work on the LB-Core and the secondary. The D-Line was managable, but I think I can wait a season or 2 to add new talent or depth to the D-Line. I changed the schemes, the offensive will be a Vertical Offense. The defense will be back to a 4-3. I was questioning to move Terrelle Pryor back to QB, but his progression as a WR in Madden for me was unbelievable.

    AFC North: Standings
    Pittsburgh Steelers 12-4-0
    Cincinnati Bengals 11-5-0
    Baltimore Ravens 11-5-0
    Cleveland Browns 3-13-0

    Some stats:
    Cody Kessler:
    56.9% completion rate
    3,167 yards.

    Terrelle Pryor:
    81 receptions
    938 yds.
    7 TD’s

    Corey Coleman:
    77 receptions
    892 yds.
    8 TD’s

  6. so why is crowell so frecking slow in madden mobile?The dude is really quick