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Madden NFL 17 Cincinnati Bengals Team Breakdown

The Cincinnati Bengals have a solid defense, 2 really tough receivers to defend and solid players all across the field in Madden 17.

We’ve got the full Madden School team breakdown for the Bengals below.

Team: Cincinnati Bengals

Offensive Strategy: Balanced.  You have 2 extremely dominant receiving options in A.J. Green and Tyler Eifert but you also have a solid running game with Giovani Bernard and Jeremy Hill.  Make sure to mix it up a little bit instead of always targeting your main playmakers.

Defensive Strategy: Aggressive 4-3.  The Bengals have had a good Madden defense for what seems like a decade and this year is no different.  You have guys who can stop the run, guys who can get after the quarterback, and a lot of depth in the secondary.

Impact Players: QB Andy Dalton, HB Giovani Bernard, HB Jeremy Hill, WR A.J. Green, TE Tyler Eifert, LT Andy Whitworth, RG Kevin Zeitler, LE Carlos Dunlap, DT Geno Atkins, MLB Karlos Dansby, ROLB Vontaze Burfict, CB Adam Jones, CB Dre Kirkpatrick, CB Darqueze Denard, CB William Jackson II, SS George Iloka

Strengths: Defense, especially depth at cornerback.  The Bengals don’t have a Patrick Peterson or Richard Sherman type but they have 4 guys who are extremely good Madden cornerbacks.  Also, the A.J. Green/Tyler Eifert combination will be a nightmare to defend.

Weaknesses: The Bengals really don’t appear to have any glaring weaknesses in Madden 17.  If there is one thing that most Madden players would upgrade about their team it would probably be to have that 1 dominant running back instead of having 2 complimentary running backs.

Overview: Heading into Madden NFL 17, the Bengals seem pretty similar to how they were last year.  A team that is right on the edge of becoming a top Madden team but just isn’t quite there yet.

What are your thoughts on this year’s team Bengals fans?  Let us know in the comments section.

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  1. What about the Raiders how they look in Madden 17 ?

    1. The Raiders should be a pretty popular team this year. We’ll have a full team breakdown for every team though. 1 per day for a month until they are all up.

  2. I’ve never seen anyone play with the Bengals to be honest this team is weak against dominant players or dominant skill sets

  3. I think you guys should rotate AFC-NFC each day as a new team breakdown is posted.

  4. i just read the ratings for the positions for madden 17 and Tyler Eifert is way too low across the board especially 88 CIT. Did you see the Seattle game? He had 13 TDs this year no one could cover him his rout running should be higher as well. And has anyone watched any of the Bengals game last year!?!? Almost every week AJ Green had monster catches in traffic and broke tackle after tackle to get into the inzone (Bal, Pit, Den, SD,) and has had top 2 hands since hes been in the league. He and Randy Moss are the only 2 WR to have 1000+ yrds in each of their first 5 seasons. Not to mention Andy Dalton finished the year with the second best QBR and has had the fastest release in the last 2 seasons of all QBs. Whitworth has only given up 9 hurries, 1QB hit and ZERO sacks in 17 games according to PFF. And a 54 AGI? He is the main pulling tackle and always is running up the field in front of the RBs. His peers even talk about his AGI on the top 100 players show, but hey whos looking at the real stats?