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Madden NFL 17 Baltimore Ravens Team Breakdown

The Baltimore Ravens head into Madden 17 with a team that can match up with just about anyone.  They have playmakers on defense and an offense that could be extremely hard to defend if you use them correctly.

We’ve got the full team breakdown below.

Team: Baltimore Ravens

Offensive Strategy: Air it out.  The Ravens have a strong armed quarterback and lots of speed at wide receiver.  You’ll want to mix in the running game to keep your opponent honest but you’ll mostly be throwing the ball around to your playmakers at receiver

Defensive Strategy: Attacking 3-4.  The Ravens have good linebackers and safeties which should allow you to get plenty of sacks and hopefully a turnover or 2 each game as well.

Impact Players: QB Joe Flacco, WR Steve Smith, WR Mike Wallace, WR Breshad Perriman, RG Marshal Yanda, DT Brandon Williams, LOLB Elvis Dumervil, MLB C.J. Mosley, ROLB Terrell Suggs, CB Jimmy Smith, FS Lardarius Webb, SS Eric Weddle

Strengths: The 2 things that jump out right away is the speed at receiver and one of the most dominant safety duos in the league.  Lardarius Webb and Eric Weddle rooming the middle of the field together will put fear into any offense.  Any good Madden player will know not to challenge your safeties.

Weaknesses: Running back.  Justin Forsett is a fine NFL running back but when it comes to Madden, he doesn’t have what most players look for which is either top end speed or the ability to run over people at will.

Overview: The Ravens are an above average team in Madden NFL 17, but they have a long way to go until they are at a level where everyone online uses them to play.  This is the perfect situation for true Ravens fans.  Good enough to compete if you know what you are doing but not dominant enough where everyone uses them.

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  1. Baltimore ravens are the best team of all time LET’S GO RAVENS

  2. Ravens seem pretty strong this year it all comes down to jimmy Smith

  3. The only thing that scares me about playing the Ravens is that you HAVE to have safety help overtop of Perriman. He would run right by any corner in Madden 16 with single coverage.

  4. I’m thinking Radiers on Madden 17

  5. I can’t believe ya’ll left out my Ravens TE’s in this equation. Smh! C’mon fellas!

    Pitta and Watson have great catching and Pitta is one of the best route runners on the offense with SSS and Aiken. Mixing him in with those boys on possession downs can be a nightmare for most defenses. Sub in Williams and Boyle (better RBK) for your 2 TE sets to pound the rock and they both have 80+ in CTH to assist in the passing game from those run heavy sets as well.

    Sure, they are not the “tourney” boys pic to rock in money games BUT my Ravens can still be formidable opponents and win you multiple games in online competition!