The Washington Redskins come into Madden 16 a little bit improved from last year but they still have a ways to go before they reach the upper echelon of Madden teams.

The Washington Redskins team breakdown for Madden NFL 16 can be found below.

Team: Washington Redskins

Offensive Strategy: Get the ball to your playmakers.  Robert Griffin III will always command at least a QB spy and defensive end contains.  The threat of RG III scrambling is often more effective than trying to run around all day with him.  Pound the ball with Alfred Morris and then call a play action pass and try to go deep once the defense starts committing to the run.

Defensive Strategy: Aggressive.  You will want to blitz a lot out of the 3-4 and take some chances.  If you try to match up the Redskins defense with some of the more explosive offenses in Madden NFL 16, you will lose.  You have to try to get some sacks, turnovers, and keep the offense off guard.

Impact Players: QB Robert Griffin III, HB Alfred Morris, WR Desean Jackson, WR Pierre Garcon, TE Jordan Reed, LT Trent Williams, DT Terrance Knighton, LOLB Ryan Kerrigan, CB Chris Culliver, CB Deangelo Hall

Key Newcomers: RT Brandon Scherff, DT Terrance Knighton

Strengths: Offense.  Robert Griffin III is still one of the most dangerous quarterbacks in Madden 16.  His speed forces opposing defenses to focus on him which opens up a lot of possibilities for the rest of your offense.  DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon are extremely fast and have the ability to stretch the field.

Weaknesses: Front 7.  Ryan Kerrigan can get after opposing quarterbacks and Terrance Knighton can do a decent job stopping the run but other than that the Redskins have much to be desired up front.  If the other team neutralizes Kerrigan, it will be hard to get pressure.

Overview: The Washington Redskins are a middle of the road team in Madden 16.  Although they won’t be able to compete with some of the elite teams like the Seattle Seahawks, they will be able to hold their own against 90% of the teams in Madden NFL 16.

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