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Madden 16 Top 5 Offensive Rookie Playmakers

With every new iteration of Madden comes a new crop of rookie playmakers, waiting on you to make or break their careers in the virtual world known as Connected Franchise Mode.  Today I am going to break down the top 5 offensive playmakers that you will want on your team in Madden 16.

  1. QB Marcus Mariota – Tennessee Titans
    At the combine Mariota ran a 4.51 40.  That is mid range wide receiver speed, at the QB position.  Everyone know that mobile QB’s are king in Madden.  They have the ability to roll out when protection breaks down, or even when it doesn’t.  Mariota should have decent accuracy ratings, but his speed and acceleration is what is most important because it is more expensive to build.  If you pour some game prep into Mariota early in your CFM to build his accuracy, it could pay dividends by year 2 or 3.
  2. WR Breshad Perriman – Baltimore Ravens
    Perriman is one of those players that will be valued much higher in Madden then he will in the NFL.  He is a prototypical video game wide receiver.  Standing at 6’2″ and weighing 212 pounds he is not quite Calvin Johnson size, but add in his 37″ vertical leap and he will cause matchup problems all over the field.  And did I mention his speed?  Perriman registered a 4.24 40 at his pro day.  If he doesn’t come in with 99 speed and 99 acceleration he should be close to it.  The downside to Perriman is that his route running and catch statistics will probably be low.  But again, those are much easier to build then speed and acceleration.  He will be a stud WR in the hands of the right owner.
  3. WR Kevin White – Chicago Bears
    Kevin White is coming off of a great year at West Virginia in 2014 and looking to make a splash in Chicago.  He has 6’3″ height and weighs in at 215 pounds which is near perfect for an outside wide out.  He ran a 4.35 40 at the combine which should translate into the low-mid 90s for speed in Madden.  Not a burner that can take anyone over the top like Perriman, but still can challenge any defensive back you match him up against.  He is a much better route runner then Perriman and isn’t easy to bring down after the catch.  He is a more complete player then Perriman who will be looking to start for you from game 1.
  4. RB Todd Gurley – St. Louis Rams
    Gurley is big, strong, and powerful.  At 6’1″, 222 pounds he isn’t someone opposing line backers get excited about tackling.  Gurley didn’t run at the combine so we don’t have a 40 time for him, but in 2013 he ran the 60 meter hurdles in 8.12 sec, good for the 7th fastest time in Georgia Bulldog history.  It is safe to say he has good speed.  That being said, Gurley is a powerful, downhill runner that doesn’t fumble the ball (only 3 fumbles in 510 carries).  He won’t take much building to turn into a feature back.  He is already my kind of Madden back, doesn’t fumble and always falls forwards.
  5. WR Amari Cooper – Oakland Raiders
    Amari Cooper is probably the most complete wide reciever on this list.  So how does he come in at number 5?  It all comes back to speed.  Cooper is the slowest of the three wide outs, posting a 40 time of 4.42 seconds.  That is by no means slow (it will probably translate to a low 90’s speed rating) but it isn’t elite speed either.  That said, Cooper should be the best route runner and have the best catch in traffic rating of the bunch.
  6. Bonus #6: RB Melvin Gordon – San Diego Chargers
    I had to add in a bonus pick because I couldn’t leave out Melvin Gordon.  Gordon is probably the slowest player on this list, clocking a 4.52 40 time.  He is an explosive runner with a good spin move and quick acceleration.  He has ball security issues that will likely translate into a low carry rating that will need some work before he can be trusted fully as your workhorse.  He is not a 3 down back though.  His inability to catch or block in pass protection will leave you needing a second back who can handle those duties.

Which one of these rookie playmakers are you most looking forward to playing with in August?  Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. I will have to take my option with Perriman!! A 6’2 215 pound WR that runs a 4.24 40!! The Ravens have a decent Oline and Perriman will get a lot of love from one of the most underrated quarterbacks in the NFL, Joe Flacco!!! Good luck to the corner who has to cover him…lol

    1. Perriman will be a nightmare to defend in Madden 16. I am excited to see how fast he is.

    2. In a CFM I will take Perriman hands down. In online Head to Head where I can’t upgrade the stats I would probably have to go with Kevin White.

  2. I want to see how Kevin White will be, Da Bears all day!

    1. He should be really fun to use.

    2. I am hoping to pick up the Bears in my CFM draft. Alshon Jeffrey and Kevin White making plays outside? Yes please!

  3. Do you have a suggestion on fantasty draft? Round for round what position to draft.

    1. It all comes down to what style of team you want to put together. At the end of the day you can’t be great in every area, so find your niche and build there. Personally I usually target defense, defense, and more defense in the first 5 rounds of a fantasy draft. To me it is much harder to play good defense with middle of the road players then it is to play good offense with middle of the road players

  4. All this hype over shadows these crazy ridiculous ratings!For example mariota ran faster than melvin Gordon and yet melvin Gordon is 3 points faster ?Amari cooper,odell beckham aren’t faster than jamal Charles?How is vic beasley faster or as fast as Antonio brown or dez?Chris harris,etc Aren’t that slow.Theyve definitely disrespectfully rated wrs and corners,vastly overrated beckham for being on cover,snubed haden,demaryius thomas,McCoy,manning ,matt ryan,tyshuan Gibson ,etc.Easports is all over the place 2 forms or fantasy football? Just bring back competitive mini camp and playable legends and that Would be better._.I doubt oline dline interaction still sucks and can get pressure 4 man fronts,no aggression and ratings dont matter so lineman dont get beat or punished(dj humphries will be able to block and contain watts no double,etc._.._.Lol 2k needs to reture and light a fire and bring accountability rather than here take this we are the only show in town

    1. I think they rate speed the way they do to keep users from abusing a mid-high 90s speed QB. I wish it was based soley off 40 time but the position is always factored in in their speed ratings. It seems like everyone is coming in rated lower in speed then I thought they would. I am anxious to get the game and see how it plays.