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Madden NFL 16 Skills Trainer Details

EA Sports has announced that Skills Trainer will be back in Madden 16.  If you are new to the Madden series this mode is a great way to improve your game before you head into things like MUT, Online Franchise, or Head to Head games.

This year there are more than 60 drills and tutorials in the game.  You can play the Skills Trainer on all 4 difficulty levels: rookie, pro, all-pro, and all-madden.  If you play on rookie or pro, you will be presented with an extra set of tutorials.

The first section of Skills Trainer goes breaks down each position on the field and their role.  After Player Positions, the Skills Trainer will teach how to run, pass, and play defense and special teams.

madden 16 skills accel

Skills Trainer also allows players to learn and practice different ball carrier moves. The more reps players get, the more comfortable it becomes with the ball in your hands.

Each tutorial shows how to perform the new mechanics found in Madden NFL 16, when the appropriate situations are to use them, and pros and cons that go along with them.

madden 16 skills trainer outside run

The real-world section of Skills Trainer has been expanded to include a section on run concepts. A lot of Madden players call run plays without knowing what to look for in order make the play as effective as possible.

This year, Skills Trainer will break down some of the most popular run concepts (outside zone, inside zone, power, trap, etc.), and show you where on the field you should run based on blocking, and how the defense reacts.

Is Skills Trainer something you will use in Madden 16? Sound off in the comments.

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tavon austin
tavon austin
8 years ago