The St. Louis Rams have plenty of potential in Madden 16.  While they aren’t necessarily one of the “elite” teams that people will play with initially online, they do have all of the pieces needed to compete at a very high level.

Here is the Madden School team breakdown for the St. Louis Rams in Madden NFL 16.

Team: St. Louis Rams

Offensive Strategy:  Get the ball to Todd Gurley, Tavon Austin, and Jared Cook! Nick Foles is good enough to distribute the ball around but Gurley, Austin, and Cook are all matchup nightmares for opponents.  There is no way anyone can defend all 3 of them.  Spread the ball around evenly and your offense will be very hard to stop.

Defensive Strategy:  Let your defensive line get pressure.  You shouldn’t blitz too often with the Rams since your defensive line will get good pressure each and every play.  The Rams dominant defensive line will allow you to focus more on coverage instead of rushing the quarterback.

Impact Players: QB Nick Foles, HB Todd Gurley, WR Tavon Austin, WR Kenny Britt, TE Jared Cook, The entire defensive line (Robert Quinn, Chris Long, Aaron Donald, Nick Fairley) MLB James Laurinaitis, LOLB Alec Ogletree, CB Janoris Jenkins, CB E.J. Gaines

Key Newcomers: QB Nick Foles, HB Todd Gurley, DT Nick Fairley

Strengths: The Rams defensive line is one of the best in Madden 16.  You should be able to easily stop the run and their defensive ends should be able to get after opposing quarterbacks without having to send too many extra guys on a blitz.

The offense has 3 big time Madden playmakers in Todd Gurley, Tavon Austin, and Jared Cook.  Nick Foles is good enough to distribute the ball to them.  Those 3 should be able to do the rest.

Weaknesses: The Rams don’t have any glaring weaknesses in Madden 16.  They could use a guy with speed and hit power over the middle.  A guy who you can user control on defense and dominate.  All elite Madden teams have a guy like that.  The Rams don’t have that yet.

Overview: The Rams are in a great spot.  If you are a fan of the St. Louis Rams you will be able to compete at a high level with them.  However, they won’t be one of those teams that everyone selects like the Seattle Seahawks.

What did we miss?  How will you use the Rams in Madden 16? Contribute to the Madden 16 Rams breakdown by leaving your thoughts in the comments section below.