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Madden NFL 16 Seattle Seahawks Team Breakdown

The Seattle Seahawks have talent and speed everywhere.  If you have played any Madden games over the last few years you know that everyone uses them.  They are always the first team selected in a franchise and it seems like 90% of ranked games involves at least 1 player using the Seahawks.

Here is the Madden School team breakdown for the Seattle Seahawks in Madden NFL 16.

Team: Seattle Seahawks

Offensive Strategy: Run the ball all game.  Russell Wilson is an elite scrambling quarterback and Marshawn Lynch is an absolute workhorse.  If you are calling the correct running plays on offense, you should be able to pick up at least 4 yards every run.  When the defense starts selling out on the run, take a shot deep to one of your speedy receivers, or throw to one of your tight ends.  The formula sounds boring and simple but it is incredibly effective.

Defensive Strategy: Whatever you want.  You should be in a 4-3 because the Seahawks don’t have a great #2 MLB but other than that, you can nano blitz, go max coverage, man to man defense, zone defense, or anything else you want to do.  The Seahawks have the luxury of having defensive studs all over the field.

Impact Players: QB Russell Wilson, HB Marshawn Lynch, TE Jimmy Graham, LE Michael Bennett, RE Cliff Avril, DT Brandon Mebane, LOLB Bruce Irvin, MLB Bobby Wagner, ROLB K.J. Wright, CB Richard Sherman, FS Earl Thomas, SS Kam Chancellor

Key Newcomers: TE Jimmy Graham

Strengths: Playmakers.  There are 22 starters on any NFL team not including the kicker and punter.  5 of those we take out since they are offensive line and individual offensive lineman can’t be big playmakers in Madden games.  That leaves us with 17 guys (22-5).  Out of the 17 players left, 12 of them are what we consider to be impact players.  That is an insane ratio.  For every 3 guys on the field, 2 of them are extremely dangerous.

The defense and the running game should carry the Seahawks in Madden 16.  When you combine players that are rated very highly overall with elite speed ratings thoughout the defense, it gives you the best defense in Madden NFL 16.

Weaknesses: Wide Receivers.  This isn’t to say the Seahawks receivers are necessarily bad.  It is just that relative to the rest of the team, they are the weakest group.  You shouldn’t be throwing all that much anyway with the Seahawks and if you do, it should be play action passes to Jimmy Graham.

Overview: The Seahawks are the best team in Madden 16 plain and simple.  They have a top 3 quarterback, a top 3 running back, a top 3 tight end and the #1 defense in Madden 16.  Seahawks fans be prepared for the entire Madden community to jump on your team’s bandwagon.

What did we miss?  How will you use the Seahawks in Madden 16?  Contribute to the Madden 16 Seahawks team breakdown by leaving a comment below.

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8 years ago

There is only one MLB in a 4-3 defensive scheme. I think you’re thinking of 3-4 scheme where there is two INSIDE linebackers or ILBs. But the Seahawks are based on a 4-3 scheme. Just a fyi…

7 years ago
Reply to  James

He is saying to use 4-3 because they do not have a second inside linebackers

8 years ago

I would create a playbook with,4-3& 4-6 scheme…..Seahawks secondary & linebackers corp are Phenomenal in that particular packages…..Make sure you get most of the 4-3 and all formations of the 4-6..can produce alot of turnovers in the 4-6 if you know how to run it.