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Madden 15 Singleback Spread Mini-Scheme

A few days ago, we went over a play out of the Singleback Spread formation called Deep Outs.  There were a few comments that asked for a mini scheme out of the same formation.

So today we are going over 4 more plays from the Singleback Spread formation.  Mix them all together and you will have a very nice little mini scheme.

You can view the full analysis below.

Madden 15 Singleback Spread Mini Scheme

Playbook: West Coast

Formation: Singleback Spread


  1. Inside zone
  2. HB cutback
  3. Slot Pivot
  4. Double Post


  1. Leave the runs the way they are
  2. Slot Pivot – Leave as is
  3. Double Post – put both outside receivers on a slant

Reads: Read each route off of the other, make reads according to the shortest route for each play.  The video covers the reads in much more detail.

Overview: This is a balanced scheme that has big play potential. You can use also use this scheme to slowly break down your opponent.

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