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Madden NFL 16 San Francisco 49ers Team Breakdown

The days of the San Francisco 49ers being one of the top 3 teams used in Madden are long gone.  Even though they aren’t overpowered in Madden 16, they are still an above average team.  You should have no problem competing online with them.

Here is the Madden School breakdown of the San Francisco 49ers in Madden NFL 16.

Team: San Francisco 49ers

Offensive Strategy: Spread the ball around.  The 49ers don’t have a Calvin Johnson or Adrian Peterson type player.  They do however, have 6 players on offense that we consider to be impact players.  You will need to spread the ball.  If done correctly, the 49ers offense will be very difficult to stop just remember not to get one dimensional.

Defensive Strategy: Create turnovers.  The 49ers lost a couple key players on defense.  Since you no longer have Patrick Willis hitsticking every player near him and Justin Smith taking up double teams every play.  The 49ers still have plenty of very good players on defense, but you will need to create more sacks and turnovers than in past Madden games.

Impact Players: QB Colin Kapernick, HB Carlos Hyde, HB Reggie Bush, WR Anquan Boldin, WR Torrey Smith, TE Vernon Davis, LT Joe Staley, LOLB Aaron Lynch, MLB Navorro Bowman, ROLB Aldon Smith, CB Tremaine Brock, FS Eric Reid, SS Antoine Bethea

Key Newcomers: HB Reggie Bush, WR Torrey Smith, LE Arik Armstead

Strengths: Balance. On offense the 49ers have have a dual threat quarterback, 2 dangerous running backs, above average Madden receivers and a dangerous tight end.  Opposing defenses won’t be able to key in on any one aspect of your offense.

Weaknesses: Defensive line.  The 49ers no longer have the players on the defensive line that stopped the run so well and allowed the outside linebackers to get pressure on the quarterback.  They do have some young potential on the d-line so through roster updates, this area could improve quickly.

Overview: Even though the San Francisco 49ers won’t be nearly as dominant in Madden 16 as they were in past years, they are still a very dangerous team.  They are in that sweet spot where true fans will still be able to compete with them, but the bandwagon fans will find other teams to use.

What did we miss?  How will you use the 49ers in Madden NFL 16? Contribute to the Madden 16 49ers breakdown by leaving a comment below.

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8 years ago

this team was decimated by retirement in the offseason, and now Aldon Smith is gone…
Now who are we gonna match up with Seattle with??????

8 years ago

Needs more jarryd hayne in the game