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Madden NFL 16 Projected Rookie Ratings

7/20 Update: The official Madden NFL 16 rookies ratings have been announced! They can be found here.

With the Madden 16 ratings reveal roughly a month away, we wanted to predict how incoming rookies will be rated in the new game.  This is more than just some guy sitting behind a computer guessing at ratings.  This is 100% math based.

Rookie ratings for speed, acceleration, strength, and agility have typically been based on Combine or Pro Day results. Based on a player’s position, we adjusted the ratings up or down.  For example, a wide receiver who does 20 bench reps is rated differently than an offensive tackle who does 20 bench reps.

We developed a simple mathematical model to predict ratings based on NFL Combine results adjusted for position.  In the past, rookie ratings for speed, acceleration, agility, and strength were based on those results.  So we assumed that this year would be the same as the past 2 years.

When possible we used the actual Combine measures, but if a player did not participate in a drill at the Combine and we found a Pro Day measurement we used that instead.   Because we want to be as data-driven as possible, we left ratings blank for players who either did not participate in a specific drill or for players whose results could not be found.

We cannot project non physical ratings (like awareness or throw accuracy) because those ratings are more likely rated based on game tape that we do not have access to.

Disclaimer: We have no inside knowledge of actual Madden NFL 16 rookie ratings nor do we know that speed, acceleration, agility, and strength will be measured the same way this year.

[table id=2/]

Are our predictions too high?  Too low?  Let us know what you think your favorite players ratings should be in the comments section below.

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  1. These projections are great

      1. Can I export these to a spread sheet?

    1. I think he will come in around 88 or so but based off historic 40 times 85 is about where he should be.

  2. Todd Gurley should be a little faster and stronger

  3. Why are ratings missing for some players

    1. Because those players did not perform certain drills at their combine or pro day. So if a player didn’t do the bench press, we can’t just guess at their strength. Same thing for 40 time and speed. So instead of guessing, we left it blank.

  4. What is the best way to draft on madden 16 using fantasy draft, position by position?

    1. Unfortunately we don’t know the answer to that yet

  5. Mariota should have same speed as mg3 they ran the same 40 kap speed is 89 and he ran a slower time 85 is not where he should be at all

  6. No way mariota is that low

  7. Lol if you think funchess has 83 speed.Hes going to be unstoppable

  8. Why isn’t cienta Evans in madden NFL 15

    1. What are the ratings of Cory cooper , Josh Mitchell, and Zaire Anderson