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Madden NFL 16 New Orleans Saints Team Breakdown

The New Orleans Saints should be a dangerous team in Madden 16.  Newcomer C.J. Spiller should thrive with Drew Brees at quarterback and Brandin Cooks is going to be even more dangerous this year.

We have the full New Orleans Saints Team Breakdown for Madden NFL 16 below.

Team: New Orleans Saints

Offensive Strategy: Balance.  Drew Brees is still a very good Madden quarterback.  C.J. Spiller and Brandin Cooks are your home run threats.  Mark Ingram can pound the ball between the tackles and Marques Colston is the type of big bodied receiver that always thrives in Madden.  Get everyone involved and the Saints offense should thrive.

Defensive Strategy: Bend but don’t break.  I know this may seem counter intuitive but because the Saints have so many playmakers, they should be able to get plenty of stops if you just don’t give up big plays.  The safeties should be able to force a few fumbles and Cameron Jordan and Junior Galette should be able to create pressure.  Stephone Anthony is a Madden 16 stud.  He will be great to user control over the middle.

Impact Players: QB Drew Brees, HB Mark Ingram, HB C.J. Spiller, WR Brandin Cooks, WR Marques Colston, C Max Unger, RE Cameron Jordan, LOLB Junior Galette, MLB Stephone Anthony, CB Kennan Lewis, CB Brandon Browner, FS Jairus Byrd, SS Kenny Vaccaro

Key Newcomers: HB C.J. Spiller, RT Andrus Peat, MLB Stephone Anthony, LOLB Hauoli Kikaha, C Max Unger, CB Brandon Browner

Strengths: Balance.  The Saints’ biggest strength is that they really don’t have any glaring weaknesses.  Pretty much every important position in Madden 16 is filled by someone who isn’t considered a liability.

Weaknesses: Tight end.  Losing Jimmy Graham sucks but Drew Brees should be effective with all of his other options like C.J. Spiller, Brandin Cooks, and Marques Colston.

Overview: The New Orleans Saints are a strong team in Madden 16.  I’d put them as about the 8-12 best team range.  They aren’t the best but they are strong and fans of the Saints will have plenty of fun using them.

What did we miss Saints fans?  Let us know in the comments section.

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Not A Real Name
Not A Real Name
8 years ago

I think you need to look elsewhere for weaknesses. They have Josh Hill who is an emerging young talent that is a hell of a lot of a better player than Jimmy Graham. Hill can block which Graham can’t and besides being a little slower, has just as good of hands, if not better, than Graham. He’s young and teachable and is learning quite a lot this offseason. Not to mention that they have Ben Watson who is a seasoned veteran and is a highly reliable blocker and receiver. People love saying that getting rid of Graham was a mistake but remember they won a Super Bowl without him. He was an unnecessary luxury and a prima donna. Now that he is with the Seahawks, who have targeted tight ends the least in the past 3 season, we will see just how “great”Graham will be when he doesn’t get the ball near as much. The main weakness the Saints have is their offensive line. They made some good moves strengthening the middle but need to work on the outside still. Their defensive line needs some work as well, but it’ll hold for this season.

8 years ago

I’m really looking forward to using this team, a few adjustments at the line may work wonders, you are going to have to play around a little like the patriots did last year but I think you can make a solid line. I agree with the line being the weakest point. Josh hill will be a great te and will bring more to the table then Graham.

8 years ago

Josh Hill, Josh Hill, Josh Hill.