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Madden NFL 16 Carolina Panthers Team Breakdown

The Carolina Panthers are a top 10 Madden NFL 16 team.  The defense is solid, the offense has all kinds of playmakers, and Cam Newton is one of the best quarterbacks in Madden 16.

We have the full Carolina Panthers team breakdown for Madden NFL 16 below.

Team: Carolina Panthers

Offensive Strategy: The Cam Newton show.  Cam Newton is a top 3 Madden quarterback in terms of how dangerous he is.  I’d much rather face a team led by Tom Brady in Madden 16 than a team led by Cam Newton.  He has the speed, strength, throw power, throw accuracy combination that scares opposing defenses.

Make sure to get the ball to Kelvin Benjamin (who is a Madden stud) and Greg Olsen.  Every now and then take a shot deep to Ted Ginn Jr.  Mix in some runs with Jonathan Stewart and you are good to go.

Defensive Strategy: Get after the quarterback.  The Panthers defensive line is strong and the linebackers are elite.  You need to get pressure on the other team’s QB to help out the fairly weak secondary.

Impact Players: QB Cam Newton, HB Jonathan Stewart, WR Kelvin Benjamin, WR Ted Ginn Jr., TE Greg Olsen, C Ryan Kahlil, LE Charles Johnson, DT Star Lotulelei, LOLB Shaq Thompson, MLB Luke Kuechly, ROLB Thomas Davis

Key Newcomers: LOLB Shaq Thompson, WR Devin Funchess

Strengths: Front 7.  The Panthers have one of the best front 7’s in Madden 16.  Charles Johnson is an elite pass rusher.  Star Lotulelei is one of the best young DT’s in the game and the linebackers are probably the best group in Madden 16.  This front 7 is scary good.

Weaknesses: Secondary.  The secondary needs a lot of work.  Not 1 player from the Panthers secondary made it onto our list of impact players in Madden 16.  The dominant front 7 should be able to mask some of the problems in the secondary but if you run into an elite passing team, it could be tough for you on defense.

Overview: The Panthers are a top 10 team in Madden NFL 16.  They have everything you could want except for a top notch secondary.  If that changes through roster updates, look people to use the Panthers online almost as much as you see the Seahawks used.

What did we miss?  Let us know in the comments section.

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  1. The panthers are definitely a problem when being used by a good madden player. Their front 7 is super tough. I think u guys(madden school) and the guys at EA sports will overrate Cam Newtons passing accuracy,especially throwing on the run. He has decent accuracy but not good.Cam is most definitely a nightmare QB in madden. We’ll see how well the upgrades for the QB contain and QB spy technique will be this year lol .

    1. Agreed cheesehead. I hope QB Spy works better this year.

  2. I think Josh Norman should be an impact player. He graded out as the fourth best corner in the league in adjusted success rate for football outsiders (above Richard Sherman).

    1. agreed Many media & coachs all say this but i guess this will be a update in the 1st few week of the season

  3. Where’s Josh Norman on the list