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Top 5 Wide Receivers in Madden NFL 16

EA Sports has announced the top 5 highest rated wide receivers in Madden NFL 16.  Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown comes in at #1.  The full top 5 list can be seen below:

  1. Antonio Brown – 97 Overall: The NFL’s leading receiver has top marks with 99 Catching and 99 Route Running. His raw skills include 90 SPD/96 ELUS/91 ACC. Other outstanding ratings are 95 JKM, 93 SPC, 98 CIT.
  2. Dez Bryant – 96 Overall: Fight for the ball with Bryant’s three 98s for Catching, Jumping, and Spectacular Catch. He’ll get there with 89 SPD/90 ACC/92 ELUS and breaking loose is easy with 91 SPM/95 JKM.
  3. Calvin Johnson – 95 Overall: Megatron still beats press coverage with 98 Release, and his catching skills really shine with 97 CTH/91 CIT/98 SPC. Other standouts are 93 AGI/90 JKM/92 RTE.
  4. Odell Beckham Jr – 94 Overall: It’s no surprise that the Madden NFL 16 cover athlete has 99 Spectacular Catch. Other superlatives are 97 CTH/97 RTE/96 JKM. His physical skills impress with 92 SPD/93 ACC/94 ELUS.
  5. Julio Jones – 94 Overall: Already in his fifth year, Jones has emerged as one of the game’s premier wideouts. He brings 97 Spectacular Catch and three 94s in Catching, Catch in Traffic, and Agility. He also shines with 92 SPD/92 ACC/87 ELUS, as well as 87 JMP/91 RTE.

You can see some of the highest rated Madden 16 wide receivers in action below.

Which receivers should be rated higher?  Lower?  Let us know in the comments section.

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  1. I wish Pittsburgh’s D didn’t suck so bad. That offense is unstoppable, but that D is terrible.

    1. If the defense starts out well, with a few roster updates they could be one of the best teams in the game.

  2. EA really is going overboard with odell beckhams ratings smh. Hes the only issue i have with the list. 4 recievers that should be rated above him

    Demaryus thomas

  3. I cant believe that the nfls highest paid wr is ranked so low considering his talent

  4. A.J. Green and Calvin Johnson are both a lot better than their rating, and Odell he only played one season and he was hurt for the first part of it. My mind is all boggled

  5. Antonio Brown is overrated, same for Dez, I mean, Dez has done nothin for a while, Antonio brown, well he is not the top wideout in the nfl, Julio jones is underrated.