Update: We have plenty of free money plays, schemes, and blitzes for Madden 16 on our homepage.  More serious gamers should check out Madden School Unlimited.

There were all kinds of ways to get unfair advantages in Madden NFL 15.  Most notably things like rocket catching, PA End Around, route swapping, and the dreaded friendly quit glitch.  EA Sports has confirmed that all of those things and more have been fixed in Madden 16.


Here is a full list of glitches and cheats that they have corrected for Madden NFL 16:

  • QB Spy logic updated (QB swerves the spy exploit)
  • Flip the Play to speed up huddle break issue has been addressed
  • Out of position subs causing exploitable routes has been addressed
  • Rocket Catching / Mossing / DB Glitches have been significantly reduced and/or eliminated
  • A large percentage of the known nano blitzes have been removed
  • The PA End Around exploit play has been addressed.
  • Route swapping exploits have also been resolved.
  • A variety of ‘money plays’ have been revised or altered.
  • Resolved the friendly quit glitch for Madden NFL 16

There will still be glitches and cheats in Madden 16 because there always are but it is good to know that the things that troubled so many people last year have been taken care of.